The Problems With FAIRY TAIL On Steam – Poor Port Issues When Trying To Play The Game On PC

The Problems With FAIRY TAIL On Steam – Poor Port Issues When Trying To Play The Game On PC
Credit: Gust via YouTube

Fairy Tail released yesterday and the community has had time to delve into the game. So far, there are quite a few issues, especially with the PC version of the game. Reviews are mixed.

It’s obvious that the port from console to PC has been done quite lazily. You will 100% need a controller to play on PC. There are no real options for keymapping. The game also doesn’t offer mouse support in-game, only in the menus. That’s not a great start.

Unfortunately, the problems with the controls are only compounded by other issues with the game running on PC. It’s graphically capped out at 60fps, not necessarily a problem, but the game’s graphics aren’t exactly groundbreaking.

The textures and general graphical fidelity are pretty poor. There are even times when the developers have copied, pasted or even cut out characters of NPC dialogue scenes completely. This game looks like an early era PlayStation game. No exaggeration.

So far game crashes have been pretty rare. Sure, there are the occasional issues with launching the game and some freezing, but this is expected with the launch of any game. It’s likely a patch is coming soon to address these launch problems.

In terms of actual gameplay, reviews are also pretty mixed. This is obviously a massive game for fans of the anime, and the community has been looking forward to the release for a long time. How does it stand up?

I’ve played about three hours of the game. I approached it from a completely independent standpoint, as I’ve never watched Fairy Tail. The gameplay is honestly just…fine.

Remember, this is a game from the studios (Gust and Koei Tecmo) that brought Atelier to the world. Atelier is a classic and much-loved game with an active community to this day.

Fairy Tail in comparison feels pretty bare. Not only are the graphics subpar, but the storytelling feels a little lazy. The difficulty level also varies wildly from level to level. You’re never quite sure how difficult the game is going to be in the next 15 minutes.

In terms of the story…well, as someone who’s not a fan of the anime it’s obviously a difficult facet to comment on. However, as a player of video games, I found the quests to become quickly repetitive, and that was only in a few hours of gameplay.

Overall, I imagine as a fan of the anime you’re likely to check the game out anyway, but with a hefty $60 price tag, I’d still approach with caution.