The PlayStation Hits Lineup Set To Expand In October, Gets Seven New Games Added

The PlayStation Hits Lineup Set To Expand In October, Gets Seven New Games Added
Credit: Sony

On Friday, Sony announced that seven new games are coming to the PlayStation Hits lineup, where some of the best PS4 titles are available to be downloaded for just $19.99. As of right now, the PS Hits lineup includes over 40 games, so if you missed out on any of the best games from this generation, then you’ll likely be able to find them for a great price in the Hits lineup.

Here are the seven games that will get added to the PlayStation Hits lineup on October 4: God of War, Gran Turismo Sport, Rayman Legends, The Crew, Far Cry 4, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, and Watch Dogs.

God of War, which was released in April of 2018, is a reboot of the original franchise. In the game, it’s a new beginning for Kratos, who is looking to seek solitude in lands that are heavily inspired by Norse Mythology. He also has a son, named Atreus, who fights by his side throughout the game as he tries to survive and create a new life. For casual players, the game will take around 25 hours to complete, but if you’re a completionist, it could take between 50 and 60 hours.

Gran Turismo Sport was released back in 2017, and it’s arguably the most popular racing game on the PlayStation 4. As of this writing, it’s the eighth best-selling game on the console, and the developers, Polyphony Digital, are constantly adding new content to it.

Rayman Legends, which was developed by Ubisoft Montpellier, is the fifth installment to the Rayman platformer series, and the direct sequel to the 2011 release Rayman Origins. It quickly became one of the most critically acclaimed platformers in recent memory after it was released back in August of 2013.

The Crew, which was released back in December of 2014, is an online-only racing game. It features an open-world environment, as players will race in locations throughout the United States. In addition to large-scale multiplayer races, it also features role-playing elements. Upon release, the game was met with a very mixed reception.

Far Cry 4 is a first-person shooter, where players will take control of Ajay Gale as he helps the Golden Company regain control of Kyrat. It was released back in November of 2014, and it was very well-received. The game also features one of the best villains of the current generation, Pagan Min, who is voiced by Troy Baker.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy was released back in August of 2017, and it’s a third-person action/adventure game. In it, players will take control of Chloe Frazer as she teams up with Nadine Ross for a single-player campaign that’ll take you roughly ten hours to beat.

Watch Dogs was released back in May of 2014, and it’s an action/adventure game that was developed and published by Ubisoft. The game is set in an open-world version of Chicago, Illinois, and the single-player story features main character Aiden Pearce’s search for revenge after his niece was murdered.

As previously mentioned, all seven of these titles will be added to the PlayStation hits lineup on October 4.