World Of Warcraft’s Zappy Boi Already Aware That He’s Become A Running Meme

World Of Warcraft’s Zappy Boi Already Aware That He’s Become A Running Meme
Credit: LeystTV via YouTube

Zekhan, the jungle shaman in World of Warcraft, already knows that he’s become a running joke.

Blizzard Entertainment recently released an update that gave Zekhan some dialogue. Just in time since the Battle for Azeroth storyline is seemingly heading toward an explosive finale.

Even before everybody knew of his true name, Zekhan has been known as Zappy Boi in WoW community. Zappy Boi because he hurled lightning at the Greymane and ended up killing him.

The character has been showing support to Varok Saurfang during the Siege of Lordaeron. The son of Hekazi, he knows very well the capabilities of Varok and how he could kill 10 with one blow.

They met at the Redridge Mountains where Varok engaged his help to watch for any Horde assassins. Zekhan was supposed to warn Varok if he sees any Horde agent approach Redridge Pass. Varok then set up his headquarters in Misty Reed Farm.

Long-time fans of World of Warcraft knows his backstory. Zekhan was a loyal supporter of Varok. He was one of the witnesses in the battle between Varok and Sylvanas for the Horde. Varok handily won that battle and forced Sylvanas to surrender.

However, Sylvanas betrayed Varok and killed him before leaving the Horde behind. Zekhan, Anduin Wrynn, and Thrall then carried Varok’s body to Orgrimmar where he was laid to rest. He was present at Varok’s burial, and he took his death seriously. He was also inspired by Varok to become a stronger troll and follow in his father’s footsteps.

When you encounter Zekhan in Orgrimmar, you will be able to engage him in small talk. However, he will ask you a question that’s quite funny. Apparently, he heard from some trolls that he’s become “something called a meme” Now, he wants to know what that means.
Zekhan also said that he’s not out there to steal some scenes on purpose. He was just made that way.

His popularity as a meme even confused Blizzard at first. They didn’t know that Zekhan has become some sort of celebrity among World of Warcraft fans. That’s because they created Old Soldier even before the Battle of Azeroth.

Nevertheless, as Blizzard added the dialogue, it’s safe to say that they are aware of the memes. Also, it could also mean that Zekhan will become a mainstay character in World of Warcraft. Fans would be up in arms if somehow the designers will take Zappy Boi out of the game.