WWE 2K20 Universe Mode Details Revealed, Mode Getting A Few Significant Improvements

WWE 2K20 Universe Mode Details Revealed, Mode Getting A Few Significant Improvements
Credit: 2K Sports

We’re now less than a month away from the release of WWE 2K20, the annual pro wrestling game from 2K Sports, and the developers have finally revealed the details regarding this year’s WWE Universe mode, which allows players to take full control of the company’s schedule and storylines.

Over the years, the WWE Universe mode has become the most-played single-player mode in the WWE 2K games. But, at this point, most would argue that the mode has gotten quite stale and that it needs to be completely redone or reimagined.

On Friday, 2K finally revealed how the WWE Universe mode will be different in 2K20 as they listed all of the key changes that they’ve made to the mode.

  • Match Limits Increased – Major and minor events can now host up to nine matches instead of just seven.
  • PPV Match Limits Doubled – For PPV events, players can book 14 matches on the card, doubling the previous limit of seven.
  • Championships Increased – The number of championships for each major show has been increased from six to seven.
  • More Rivalries – Rivalries on major shows has been increased from three to four.
  • Three-Brand PPVs – PPV events can now be hosted by up to three brands.
  • Cutscenes With Women – The most-used cutscenes have been re-shot using women to make them look more authentic when female wrestlers are used.
  • New Cutscenes – 25 new cutscenes have been added.
  • New Promo Lines – 3,040 new promo lines have been added.
  • Rivalry Content – Players can setup low-intensity rivalries, partnerships.
  • Menu Changes – The menus in the WWE Universe mode have been streamlined to make them more accessible to players who are new to the mode.

Unfortunately, 2K still hasn’t announced that the General Manager mode will be returning in WWE 2K20. Over the summer, the return of the mode was teased by WWE star Xavier Woods, who has been involved with the game’s promotion. But, since all of these changes have been added to the game’s primary single-player mode, it’s probably pretty safe to assume that GM mode won’t return until next year, at the earliest.

Also, as of this writing, there hasn’t been any gameplay footage of WWE 2K20, which has most potential buyers concerned that the gameplay will be the same as it has been in previous years. But, there are still a few weeks to go until it’s released, so expect to see at least a little bit of gameplay before the game hits the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch on October 22.