Hideo Kojima Says Death Stranding Has Gone Gold, Game’s Multiplayer Won’t Require PlayStation Plus Subscription

Hideo Kojima Says Death Stranding Has Gone Gold, Game’s Multiplayer Won’t Require PlayStation Plus Subscription
Credit: Sony via YouTube

On Thursday, Hideo Kojima announced that Death Stranding, which is currently scheduled to hit the PlayStation 4 on November 8, has gone gold. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, going gold means that a game is complete and ready to be printed and transferred to a CD.

The creator of Death Stranding and the Metal Gear Solid series said the following about the game going gold after announcing the news:

“Death Stranding is complete and has gone gold! Hideo Kojima, the Kojima Productions team, everyone at Sony and Guerrilla, cast members; all put their heart and soul into it. Thanks for your support, we can’t wait to bring you a new ‘HIDEO KOJIMA GAME’. Play it on November 8th!”

Of course, just because a game has gone gold doesn’t mean that it won’t get updated between now and when it is released, as the game will likely get at least one patch before it becomes available to PlayStation 4 owners.

Back at E3 in 2016, Hideo Kojima, who had just recently parted ways with longtime partner Konami after the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain debacle, revealed Death Stranding. At the time, there were a ton of questions about it, and three years later, some of those questions have still gone unanswered.

A three-year turnaround for a big AAA title such as Death Stranding is quite remarkable, especially since it’s a Hideo Kojima game, as the legendary video game developer typically likes to take his time with the projects that he’s involved with.

Recently, Kojima brought an almost hour-long gameplay demo to the Tokyo Games Show, and during the event, he confirmed that there will be multiplayer in Death Stranding. However, it won’t be a traditional multiplayer mode, as players won’t be able to interact with each other. Instead, players will be able to see the paths of other players, and on top of that, you’ll be able to leave behind items and helpful tips for players who are navigating the post-apocalyptic United States.

It was also revealed that a PlayStation Plus subscription will not be required to experience Death Stranding’s multiplayer option. So, even if you’re not a PS Plus user, you’ll still be able to get help and items from other players during your single-player journey.

In addition to all of that, a special Death Stranding themed PlayStation 4 was revealed, and it’ll be available when the game launches this coming November.