The PlayStation 4 Has Reached An Amazing Games Milestone Since Launching In 2013

The PlayStation 4 Has Reached An Amazing Games Milestone Since Launching In 2013
Credit: GameNewsOfficial via YouTube

When you think of successful consoles of the last few years, the PS4 is nearly at the top of the charts. Sony has done such a good job with this unit. It really is one of the best consoles they’ve ever created. A huge reason why it has been so successful is because of all the exclusives that came out on it.

There are just so many games PS4 users can’t get anywhere else, including God of War and Spider-Man. These games are a huge reason why the PS4 still sells really well today. The PS4 has done so well — in fact — that it just achieved a huge games milestone. As of 2019, more than a billion PS4 games have been sold since the console released back in 2013. That’s an amazing feat that any gaming console would be lucky to achieve today.

Sony reported this figure and it’s including digital and retail sales. Sony has a lot to be proud of. Despite having to constantly battle against industry competitors like Nintendo and Microsoft, Sony continues to stand out with their software, hardware specs, and of course, exclusive games.

Things are certainly looking good as they approach the release of PS5. We don’t have a lot of visual details at the moment, but the spec notes look promising. They’re depicting one of the best-performing consoles the company has ever created.

You can bet that whatever the PS5 looks like, Sony will do their best to nab more and more exclusives. It’s an amazing strategy that keeps them in the spotlight. Sure, you want distinct features that make a console unique. But deep down, what matters most are the games. That’s why we have grown so fond of this industry over the years, after all.

Microsoft will surely have to take note if they wish for their Xbox Series X — the console that looks very much like a PC — to compete head to head with the PS5.

Until the PS5 releases, Sony fans will just have to keep getting enjoyment out of the PS4. That won’t be hard considering the amazing exclusives still set to come out this year. One of these is the Last of Us Part 2. It’s one of the most highly anticipated games of 2020 and part of a staple series for the PlayStation. This and other offerings should tide fans over until the PS5 is officially released sometime later this holiday season. It’s an exciting time to be a PlayStation fan.