Railway Empire On Track For February Release On The Nintendo Switch

Railway Empire On Track For February Release On The Nintendo Switch
Credit: Railroad Simulator via Nintendo

Gaming Minds Studios’ Railway Empire will soon be released on the Nintendo Switch. The railroad simulator was initially released in 2018 but will soon be available on Nintendo’s newest console.

Producer Kalypso Media previously announced the news in late November, but the release date was only planned for Q1 2020.

Railway Empire is different from the Train Simulator games players may have previously seen. The game takes place primarily in the US from 1830 to 1930.

The official description states: “In Railway Empire, you’re tasked with building a sophisticated rail network, including train stations, maintenance buildings, factories, and landmarks. Improve the efficiency of your company and make it your own with smart organisation, practical routing and personal touches.”

The game allows players to take advantage of the time period to create railroads from coast to coast. Gamers have to juggle production, employees, plus transporting passengers.

There are over 40 historically accurate locomotives and over 30 wagons that players can gain access to in the game. Players can even invest in over 300 new technologies across five eras to improve their railroad lines.

The game becomes more challenging with multiple rival railroad companies. They can send bandits and spies to sabotage player’s efforts, but the player can also resort to these devious methods to become the best railroad company in the country.

The Nintendo Switch release will also contain the DLC content for Mexico, Great Lakes, and Crossing the Andes.

Since 2018, the game has been updated with new content. For the PC version, there were multiple DLCs such as Germany, Great Britain and Ireland, France, and Northern Europe. It’s unknown if any more DLC will be released for the PC version of the game.

It is likely that all of the DLC will eventually become available for the Nintendo Switch port.

Preloads are currently available through the Switch eShop for a digital download of 5.6 GB. Kalypso Media also announced a physical release for the game.

The game is being published by Kalypso Media Group in both North America and Europe, with Ubisoft handling the release in Japan. This is similar to the game’s initial launch in 2018.

Railway Empire will launch on the Nintendo Switch on February 14, 2020, in North America. Railway Empire is available now for PC/Mac, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.