Nioh 2 Announces The Eight Winners Of Character Design Contest

Nioh 2 Announces The Eight Winners Of Character Design Contest
Credit: Nioh 2 via Twitter

Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo have announced the winners of their character design contest. Players could create a custom character during the Nioh 2 beta and submit them for entry on Twitter.

The official winner announcement, along with images of the winning characters, were shared on Twitter and the official Nioh 2 website.

Nioh 2 offers a character creator for players to make unique characters. Many will create themselves, while others create other characters from existing games, or unleash their creativity to create unique fighters.

The contest was held over ten days in early November 2019, but the winner announcement was only made recently.

According to the official website, applicants exceeded 2,000 applications. The Nioh 2 development team selected eight winners along with the eight works.

The winners of the character design will have their work added in the Nioh 2 in-game character creator. The creators will also be credited in the game.

Those who weren’t picked have another opportunity to be added into the game. The Nioh 2 team also announced that submitted designs might be used as NPCs.

In the official announcement post, the Nioh 2 team posted more detail images of the winning character designs, along with why they were chosen.

“Ruder” was chosen because he has a unique appearance while appearing handsome. He also has a unique tattoo placed under his left eye.

“Chano” has a unique combination of facial scars with a red painting decoration. This particular design caught the team’s eye because of the character’s stern expression not found in other submitted designs.

“Juny Ymmt” has a warlord-style design and impressed the team with his gaze filled with ambition. The older design stood out among the other younger characters.

Among the male character designs, there were three female designs.

“Siutyler” has unique hair and makeup with a unifying theme, while in contrast was “Fujiko Fujimino” gave off a punk feel and reminded the team of a gloomy hero. They also liked the makeup used and realistic moles.

“Bo Diaz,” the last chosen female design, reminded the team of a female ninja. The design is simple yet attractive.

There were two special character designs chosen.

“Koma-p Tenzen” received the most retweets during the contest. The design used a motif from Final Fantasy XIV. “Jesse Black” was personally chosen by the game’s producer, Fumihiko Yasuda, who praised the use of only necessary elements but with attention to detail. Yasuda also felt the character was charming.

Nioh 2 is scheduled for launch on March 13 and is a PlayStation 4 exclusive title.