The Online Multiplayer Dead By Daylight Will Be Available On Xbox Game Pass At The End Of May

The Online Multiplayer Dead By Daylight Will Be Available On Xbox Game Pass At The End Of May
Credit: Dead by Daylight via YouTube

Xbox Game Pass always brings some amazing games to its library. It’s a great value for Xbox One owners, and the month of May has already been monumental for the service. One game — in particular — that is an exciting addition to the platform is Dead by Daylight. It will be available to members at the end of May.

This survival-horror multiplayer developed by Behaviour Interactive features a lot of iconic killers, including Leatherface and Michael Meyers. They are extremely fun to play with, especially if you’re a die-hard horror fan. The concept of this game is simple but extremely addicting. You’re either chosen to be a survivor or killer.

If you’re a survivor, your goal is to move around a stage elusively while trying to restart generators. Once enough generators are activated, gates open up and you can escape. Meanwhile, a designated killer tries to take out each survivor one-by-one. Killers possess special abilities, which make it that much more challenging to survive. A wrong move or making too much noise could spell the end of your character, at least until the next round begins.

You’ll spend a majority of your time as a survivor, but when you get selected as the killer, that’s where the fun really begins. The game supports solo play, but you’ll find much more entertainment when in sessions with your friends.

Teamwork is rewarded and communication is key, especially when it comes to describing the killer’s whereabouts. There are plenty of stages that keep the game fresh. The killer selection is also pretty diverse and gives you the chance to relive some of your fondest memories watching horror movies growing up.

The game most recently received Ash from Evil Dead as a survivor, who has special abilities as well to fight off the constant pursuits of killers. He’s a great addition to the game and should give you even more reason to root for the survivors.

Dead by Daylight doesn’t have the greatest graphics or a ton of action, but the tension you feel as a survivor will have you hooked. Every session plays out a bit differently, so you’re always on your toes. It’s so rewarding to narrowly escape the clutches of an iconic killer.

If you’re looking to check out this game on Xbox Game Pass, all you have to do is subscribe to the service for only $9.99 a month. It’s a great value and will expose you to great titles like Dead by Daylight on a consistent basis.