The Action-Puzzle Game Rime Is Now Available For Free On The Epic Games Store

The Action-Puzzle Game Rime Is Now Available For Free On The Epic Games Store
Credit: GameNewsOfficial via YouTube

If you like puzzle games and adventure, you’re going to love Rime. It features interesting visuals and is great to play with the whole family. For a limited time only, this game is available for free through the Epic Games Store. There’s a lot to love with this unique title.

The game centers around a boy who finds himself on an island filled with a ton of abandoned structures. Already, there is mystery that captivates your attention. Developed by Tequila Works, Rime released back in 2017. The game’s design is pretty simple.

After waking up from a shipwreck, you control a boy around an island. Your main goals are to discover clues and solve puzzles throughout this compelling journey. As you progress further into the game, you find out what happened to this mysterious island. The score is composed beautifully and the aesthetic elements truly have a unique personality. You thus feel inspired as you move deeper into this game’s story.

There are a total of six hours to enjoy. The only real knock on this game has to do with the puzzles. They’re not the most imaginative or complex. You’ve probably seen the same iteration of puzzles in similar games like this, such as The Witness.

Still, what this game lacks in puzzle variety and creativity, Rime more than makes up for in visuals. They’re truly breathtaking and will leave you with a sense of wonder. They aren’t even the most detailed. They just have a unique color palette and tone to them. There are a total of four areas to explore on this island. They each have unique characteristics that keep the gameplay fresh.

Traveling from section to section is a blast too. Also, the developers do a great job at keeping you engaged with your character and the world that surrounds him. You want to find answers and see where this tale ultimately takes you. Hours searching the various stages seem like minutes. That’s pretty impressive for such a simple game.

If you have some free time to spare, Rime is certainly worth checking out. You won’t have to spend any money and you’ll enjoy great visuals. Even though the puzzles are lacking, there are still some shining moments. Again, it’s now available on the Epic Games Store free of charge. The visuals and music alone will have you hooked. It also is a great game to experience with the family.