The Nintendo Switch Is Getting Super Mega Baseball 2 Next Week; Will Be An Ultimate Edition

The Nintendo Switch Is Getting Super Mega Baseball 2 Next Week; Will Be An Ultimate Edition
Credit: Nintendo via YouTube

The Nintendo Switch has quite a few sports titles to choose from today. From NBA to FIFA, there’s something for every sports fan. That includes baseball. Starting next week, Switch users can buy Super Mega Baseball 2. It will be the Ultimate Edition, too.

This baseball simulator is more on the cartoonish side, featuring larger than life heads and highly muscled athletes. Despite its quirky character models, the game is a pretty good representation of MLB baseball. Sure, the gameplay will fall short of that in the more realistic simulators, but Super Mega Baseball 2 knows what it wants to be.

The design of each stadium is unique. They all have the distinct features and aesthetics that you would see in real life. Their uniqueness makes playing different teams that much more exciting.

This game’s customization feature is a huge selling point. You can customize pretty much everything, from the team to the uniforms. There’s something so special about seeing your creations take the field and have success. You feel like a proud GM, as you build the team from the ground up. You even have the ability to customize how your league is set up, depending on your particular preferences.

The online mode is perfect for players who want to test their strategy and skills against friends and foes. You can set up private matches for friends or join a ranked match randomly. Winning these matches feels so special, especially if it’s over a friend who’s been talking trash the entire game.

As far as this Ultimate Edition, it seems to be a great value for those looking for a little extra. It includes two more ballparks, 5 cosmetic packs, and extra DLC content.

It’s incredible to imagine these arcade-like baseball experiences using the Switch’s portable screen. It will redefine playing baseball on the go. The list price for this Ultimate Edition is $29.99. That’s not a bad deal considering the various modes and DLC content you have to look forward to.

Super Mega Baseball 2 seems like the perfect sports game if you care more about having fun and playing against friends, as opposed to realistic graphics and gameplay. It improves on everything the original had, which is always great to see.

There are plenty of modes to keep you entertained, and the lighter tones certainly work well if you’re looking for a sports game for your children. Overall, Super Mega Baseball 2 has it all. It’s honestly one of the best sports games for the Switch system right now.