The Launch Lineup For Google Stadia Has Nearly Doubled; Now Includes Games Like Rage 2 And Metro Exodus

The Launch Lineup For Google Stadia Has Nearly Doubled; Now Includes Games Like Rage 2 And Metro Exodus
Credit: Tech Insider via YouTube

The time is almost here for the revolution of game streaming. Google Stadia launches this week, and it’s creating a lot of buzz around the gaming community. Can this platform see success that leads to many switching from console gaming to streaming for the foreseeable future? We’re about to find out.

Although many have questioned the platform’s ability to provide user-friendly streaming experiences, there is no question about the Stadia’s launch lineup. It’s very impressive. The variety gives every type of gamer something to look forward to. If the original launch lineup didn’t get you excited, you’ll be happy to know that Google has just doubled it.

That’s right. There are now nearly double as many games that will be available at launch. Looking at the new list, it’s quite impressive. These games include NBA 2K20, Rage 2, Trials Racing, Grid 2019, Metro Exodus, Farming Simulator 2019, Wolfenstein: Youngblood, Football Manager 2020, and Attack on Titan: Final Battle 2. These are great games that each have something unique to offer.

If you’re a sports fan, you’re probably stoked to see NBA 2K20. The series has been around for so long now, which is a testament to the constant innovation of new modes and features. It’s one of the best sports simulators you can find.

Then you have action-oriented games like Rage 2 and Wolfenstein: Youngblood. These games feature fast-paced combat and are perfect if you like the first-person shooter genre. It’s great to see them come to the Stadia, as they have a lot of great aspects.

One game that has built a cult-like following since launching is Farming Simulator 2019. Who knew farming in a video game could be so much fun? People love how authentic the game is, featuring a bevvy of tractors and other farming tools. It’s actually quite peaceful to cultivate crops enjoying the beautiful environments surrounding your tractor. It definitely is a great addition to the Stadia launch lineup.

Google is making it clear they’re going all in on this technology. You have to give them credit. Who knows what other sort of titles they’ll be introducing on the system. They even have the opportunity to put out exclusives. That would be huge for the platform. It would attract a lot of gamers who otherwise might have forgone this new streaming technology.

We don’t know how the Stadia will perform, but that’s about to change in a couple of days. If you’re on the fence about picking it up, you’ll have a helping hand once reviews start pouring in later in the week.