The Last Of Us Part II Could Be Coming To PC, Based On The Skills And Requirements On Their Recent Job Listing

The Last Of Us Part II Could Be Coming To PC, Based On The Skills And Requirements On Their Recent Job Listing
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

Not long ago, about three days ago, PlayStation developer Naughty Dog posted a job listing on LinkedIn for a graphics programmer that made a lot of people think if Sony is on to another exclusive title. However, the current job listing is attached to the role of The Last of Us part II, which was initially announced only in PlayStation 4. Still, the skills and requirements section entails several attributes specific to PC.

The job listing had the following to say:

‘Join our talented rendering team to develop and implement new and existing rendering techniques for our upcoming game, The Last of Us Part II.’

The new graphics developer would come to become part of Naughty Dog’s team, helping in the development and implementation of new and existing rendering techniques. So, the applicant needs to have a ‘deep and thorough understanding of the current GPU architectures’ as well as a good understanding of NVIDIA. Also, put to use compelling and stunning industry-changing visuals.

Other skills that are desired are DirectX12 and Vulkan. Also, other modern graphics are required with the computable APIs and GPUs that are only specific to PCs. They also listed specific graphic architectures like AMD GCN and NVIDIA CUDA architecture. To wrap it all, the programmer is also required to have a solid foundation in PC or console programming, making a bit more explicit.

The skills required currently for The Last of Us Part II career gives us an idea that the game would likely be coming to PC. Because why would they need someone skilled with PC related system architecture like DirectX12 and NVIDIA CUDA architecture, if not for the sole purpose of bringing the game to PC. And the experience in programming can also mean that the game is currently in development for PC.

However, let’s all not get excited yet, as there isn’t an official word about it at this moment. This is just critical thinking and pure analysis based on their recent job listing. Besides, it could also mean Naughty Dog studios need a developer for other tasks.

Also, The Last of Us Part II isn’t the only PlayStation Exclusive game that has been rumored for PC recently. There have been rumors from insiders stating that Horizon Zero Dawn could be launching on PC sooner than expected. If that’s the case, chances of The Last of Us Part II coming to PC is likely to be a fact. If not, well, it’s due time they do a revamping because Horizon Zero Dawn is quite an old game. Its break into PC is more likely as compared to The Last of Us Part II, which is not even out yet on PlayStation.

Hopefully, it comes to PC that would be awesome. Still, everyone should lookout for an official announcement from Sony Interactive Entertainment. At least for now, that’s the only way to confirm if The Last of Us Part II is coming to PC or not.

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