The Indie First-Person Shooter Supershot Is Now Super Cheap Thanks To’s Mega Sale

The Indie First-Person Shooter Supershot Is Now Super Cheap Thanks To’s Mega Sale
Credit: We Got This Covered via YouTube

If you’re a PC gamer and are looking for something fun to add to your collection, is currently having their summer mega sale. There are a ton of indie games discounted for cheap. One that certainly stands out is the first-person shooter Supershot. Developed by the talented team at Supershot Studios, this game has a lot to offer PC users looking for a different experience.

It should be mentioned that this game’s visuals are not going to blow your hair back. They are a lot simpler, but that’s part of the appeal. Instead of focusing on amazing graphics and non-stop action, you’re immersed in the mechanics of the game.

Its minimalist approach actually makes the game extremely approachable, even for gamers who’re not as accustomed to first-person shooters. Its gameplay is particularly addicting. A huge reason for this is because of its time mechanism. Time only starts when your player moves. So when you’re motionless, everything slows down considerably and you have the perfect opportunity to scan your environment.

The purpose of each stage is to take out attacking enemies. Just one bullet that hits you will cause the level to start over, which just adds to the tension you feel as you play. You can’t just run and gun in this game. A lot of tactics are involved and sometimes, a little trial and error. You may get frustrated with the AI at first, but after several sessions, you’ll start getting the hang of how Supershot works.

Another interesting challenge you’re forced to troubleshoot is a limited amount of ammo. To gain more ammo, you’ll have to keep killing enemies. Running out of bullets usually means timing a melee attack perfectly. Watch your back, though, because enemies can come from any direction.

Any time you’re not sure what the best course of action is, just stop moving. As mentioned earlier, time will slow down and you can re-assess your combat situation. It’s a very brilliant design that Supershot Studios have gotten down perfectly. Once you think you have the tactical advantage, you can begin moving or firing again.

The $9 you pay for Supershot also gives you access to five other great games, including such favorites as The Haunted Island, BFF or Die, and Cube Escape: Paradox. Overall, these are some great titles to add to your collection. This is particularly true if you’re a fan of indie gaming.