The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim “Shirley” Mod Based On The Skyrim Grandma Available Soon On PC

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim “Shirley” Mod Based On The Skyrim Grandma Available Soon On PC
Credit: Bethesda via Steam

Shirley Curry, otherwise known as “Skyrim Grandma,” warmed gamers’ hearts when she began posting videos on YouTube. Since 2015, her YouTube channel quickly rose in subscriber numbers as viewers watched her various adventures throughout Skyrim.

Together with a group of modders, the Skyrim Grandma will be part of the game in a mod called “Shirley.”

The YouTube video description goes into further detail about the upcoming mod: “Shirley is a grandma YouTuber who primarily plays Skyrim. And now, she can join you on your adventures as a custom voiced (by Shirley herself) follower! Shirley will be available as a follower on the Nexus in early 2020. We will provide continuous updates as we add more content, and further, down the line a quest-line will be added centered around Shirley herself. Please see the Q&A below for further details.”

Shirley has permitted the modders to add her to the game and is closely working with them to bring the mod to life.

Shirley will be a unique follower mod with different voiced lines and quests. Depending on where players are in Skyrim, Shirley will voice different lines. Shirley also doesn’t add to the follower cap so that players can recruit Shirley along with someone else. She may even be able to interact with some of the other followers like Lydia and Inigo, but there are no promises.

One of the more unique elements of the mod is that Shirley will read books the player gives her. She can’t read the entire library of Skyrim texts, but there will be a specific selection of books she can read to the player.

The mod will be available for the original version of Skyrim plus the Special Edition. The mod will first be available on PC with plans to also release it on Xbox in the future. There are no plans to release it on PlayStation, which the modders blame on difficulties with Sony.

The teaser trailer shows work in progress, including Shirley’s appearance, but more news expected in the future.

It was previously announced that Shirley would appear in The Elder Scrolls 6 as an NPC, thanks to a fan petition. Over 45,000 fans rallied together to bring the Skyrim Grandma into the game.

Shirley, the Skyrim mod, is expected to be released on Nexus Mods in early 2020.