The Callisto Protocol Has Not Yet Been Released, But The Film’s Director, Glen Schofield, Is Already Planning A Sequel

The Callisto Protocol Has Not Yet Been Released, But The Film’s Director, Glen Schofield, Is Already Planning A Sequel

Glen Schofield, the director of the forthcoming science-fiction survival horror computer game The Callisto Protocol, has already expressed interest in creating a sequel. The Callisto Protocol is a spine-chilling spiritual successor to the future horror series Dead Space, which was co-created by a gaming industry veteran known for co-creating the Dead Space franchise.

The Callisto Protocol, scheduled for release on December 2, will transport players to a futuristic prison colony known as Black Iron following an epidemic of mysterious undead known as Bio page. While the game has been extensively likened to Visceral Games’ horror franchise Dead Space in terms of premise and visuals, the gameplay in Striking Distance Studios‘ survival horror game feels rather distinct.

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The Callisto Protocol strongly emphasizes melee combat, such as the protagonist Jacob Lee repelling the fearsome Biophage with makeshift close-range weaponry before killing them out with long-range weapons. In addition, Callisto Protocol’s emphasis on stealth makes it more similar to The Last of Us than Dead Space.

Glen Schofield showed interest in a sequel during a recent interview with Inverse, although The Callisto Protocol won’t be released until December. While Schofield maintains that the game is a complete experience in and of itself, he also says, “There are a lot of great ideas we want to implement in the future.” Despite being one of the franchise’s co-founders, Schofield left Visceral Games before creating Dead Space 2 and 3. However, due to the similarities between The Callisto Protocol and that series, perhaps The Callisto Protocol 2 will be Schofield’s opportunity to write a sequel.

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The Callisto Protocol is shaping to be one of the most intriguing horror games of the year, but Glen Schofield shows no signs of leaving Black Iron. The seasoned director has previously indicated an interest in a sequel that pushes the limits of horror and implements innovative ideas that were left out of the original game. On December 2, The Callisto Protocol will be released as the first installment in a brand-new science fiction horror franchise.