Available Now Are Modern Warfare 2 Skins Featuring Paul Pogba And Neymar

Available Now Are Modern Warfare 2 Skins Featuring Paul Pogba And Neymar
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We learned a couple of weeks ago that Activision Blizzard might collaborate with FIFA to create a football crossover for the Modern Warfare 2 video game. According to the leak, which Insider Gaming confirmed, some famous football players, like Neymar da Silva Santos Junior, Lionel Messi, Paul Pogba, and others, would join the game as operator skins.

Given that the start of the World Cup won’t occur until later in November and that the release date of Warzone 2 isn’t until the 16th of that month, now would be the perfect time to start drumming up excitement for both the international competition and the updated version of Warzone.

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Now, more evidence than ever before suggests that the sport of football will make its way into Modern Warfare 2 not long after the game is released. As was pointed out by VGC, pictures of Pogba and Neymar dressed in what appears to be military garb are making the rounds on various social media platforms.

They each have assault rifles slung over their shoulders and are outfitted with gloves, armor, ammo belts, elbow protectors, and sidearm holsters. Neymar is decked out with a cap, headphones, and full-arm sleeves that are designed to resemble his football shirt. Pogba is wearing glasses.

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It is common knowledge that Neymar is a dedicated gamer, and he even broadcasts his prowess in various online first-person shooters on Twitch. In addition to this, he is also.

Although there has been no official comment from Activision regarding the likelihood of a football crossover, these graphics are very intriguing. Nearer to the launch of Warzone 2, marketing for these skins will begin to appear.

I have some unfortunate news for everyone hoping to play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 without needing to download more than one hundred terabytes of data first. The CDs included with Modern Warfare 2 are nothing more than blanks.