Blizzard Discusses Nature Resistance Gear In World Of Warcraft: Classic, Discussing A Future Release

Blizzard Discusses Nature Resistance Gear In World Of Warcraft: Classic, Discussing A Future Release
Credit: World of Warcraft via YouTube

With the Gates of Ahn’Qiraj now confirmed as being opened in late July, there’s plenty of players that are still playing catch up to make sure they’re geared well enough to take on the ancient city and defeat the Old God C’Thun within.

As World of Warcraft: Classic is meant to mimic the Vanilla experience as well as possible, some players have been wondering when the nature resistance-heavy gear released all the way back in patch 1.11 would be released.

However, it’s that exact mimicking that’s partially responsible for the gear not yet being released, as they hadn’t been released by the opening of the Gates of Ahn’Qiraj either. Instead, this gear was released later on to help bridge the gap into Naxxramas.

“Overall, the nature-resist gear that was released in original WoW in patch 1.11 was catch-up gear,” Blizzard discussed in an official post recently. “It was released along with Naxx to help close the gap for guilds who were still dealing with trying to get certain pieces from Green Dragons and Maraudon because they were stuck on Huhuran.”

There’s quite a bit of gear in question being discussed. Primarily crafted through blacksmithing, leatherworking, and tailoring, the gear is integral for the nature resistance given.

Plate wearers are given the following three options, each of which is created through blacksmithing.

  • Ironvine Belt
  • Ironvine Gloves
  • Ironvine Breastplate

For the cloth-wearers such as priests and mages, tailors can create the following four options:

  • Sylvan Shoulders
  • Sylvan Crown
  • Gaea’s Embrace
  • Sylvan Vest

Finally, leather wearers such as rogues and druids can obtain the following through leatherworking:

  • Bramblewood Belt
  • Bramblewood Boots
  • Bramblewood Helm

Universally, there’s an enchantment titled Savage Guard that can be used on helmets and pants, which grants ten nature resistance, though it doesn’t stack with other enchantments. There’s also a ring titled the Band of Cenarius that players can earn which grants additional nature resistance as well.

“We’re still considering precisely when to release this gear, given their usefulness and purpose,” Blizzard states. “As with original WoW, that time will come later, after AQ is opened and being raided.”

While we don’t have an exact release date on this extremely useful set of items, it’s good to know that Blizzard still intends to implement them. Presumably, we can expect to see them before we’re able to enter Naxxramas proper, as the nature resistance on offer is nearly integral to brave the halls of the necropolis. While there doesn’t seem to be any mail options available, mail-wearing classes will hopefully be able to make do with the other options available.