The 2D Pixel Based Platform Game Reventure Is Launching A Free-To-Play Version For Android Devices In Several Countries

The 2D Pixel Based Platform Game Reventure Is Launching A Free-To-Play Version For Android Devices In Several Countries
Credit: Jaleo via Youtube

Take hundreds of adventures with you on the go as Pixelatto releases their acclaimed indie title Reventure as a free-to-play experience on Android. Explore a changing world in celebration of its highlight as Game of the Month on Google Play. This game has had its first release on PC and gained major acclaim on multiple platforms.

Reventure, in its free to play form, will not lose any of the fun or experience from its original build. Explore over 100 endings with tons of characters and secrets in a changing and challenging world. Enjoy an experience filled with jokes, puns, pop-culture references, and more.

This is a non-linear adventure with tons of different endings. As a cheap, fun, well-reviewed title, Reventure has lived a full and fun life on Steam. For over a year, the game has been enjoyed on several platforms forming an adventure beloved by fans.

Start your adventure as a wannabe hero that is on a journey to do hero things. Choose a path, find an ending, and make life-changing decisions that will impact the game. On a quest to find a true ending, players will travel through a strange world into the unknown.

Unlock tons of playable characters, hints, costumes, and more within this title. As you continue to find different segments to the growing adventure, players are sure to enjoy an ever-changing journey in the world of Reventure.

Enjoy a game full of bizarre pop-culture references and tons of secrets hidden about. As you enjoy a randomly crafted journey based on your own decisions, you will find some of your favorite sci-fi jokes hidden amongst the trail.

Explore a comical journey in a strange world. Every twist and turn is full of danger, be it an enemy with a weapon or a badly placed pun. If you are not a fan of cheeky humor and cheap laughs, then you may want to search elsewhere for a game to play.

Explore multiple lives, each with a unique trail of decisions to be made. Only the dumb, or brave, can make it to the end of the title.

For more information, be sure to explore Reventure on the developer’s website. This title has tons of supportive reviews of fans who have loved their adventures in this strange world.

Reventure can be found on Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android devices, and PC. Enjoy a strange pixel adventure in a strange land built of your own decisions.