The Eight Playable Characters In Shiro Games’ Upcoming Zombie Survival Title, Darksburg

The Eight Playable Characters In Shiro Games’ Upcoming Zombie Survival Title, Darksburg
Credit: ShiroGamesTV via YouTube

Shiro Games recently set the release date for the early access of their upcoming zombie survival title, Darksburg, to be this coming week on February 12th. To get a better grasp on what we can expect from the indie developer, we’re here to look at the eight playable characters being featured.

The characters are split into two equal groups of four, with one side being the Survivors and the other being the Revenants, which Shiro described as the “bad guys.” It’s somewhat similar to the PvP system that you can find in Left 4 Dead or similar titles, where four players control the survivors and four control the “special infected” as the latter tries to hinder and ultimately kill the former.

For the Survivors, we have the following four:

  1. Sister Abigail, the Neurotic Nun, who utilizes holy magic and a hammer-like cross to decimate hordes of enemies. Her abilities excel at killing large groups of zombies or drawing them closer together to make her abilities more effective.
  2. Varag, the Wary Wolfman, a werewolf that wields a makeshift shield and chain with a focus on mobility. His ultimate reverts him to his feral state, which removes his weapons and allows him to maul his endless opponents.
  3. Rose (and her pet squirrel, Twig), the Deadeye Duo, who comes to the battle with a heavy crossbow. While several of her abilities take advantage of her ranged abilities, others see her jumping into the heart of the fray.
  4. Runolf, the Gleeful Gourmet, who wields a catapult/mace-like ladle that can launch and bludgeon the infected. Primarily focused on utility, Runolf can buff his opponents with delicious soup.

The four Revenants come with a myriad of ways to deal with the pesky Survivors.

  1. The Executioner, who brings a noose and an axe to the battle. He can utilize the noose to disable Survivors while lesser infected kill them, or his axe to potentially insta-kill his target.
  2. The Raven Master, who wields a cage of vicious crows (not ravens, for some reason) against the Survivors. He excels in obscuring sight, slowing, and generally debuffing his target.
  3. The Burning Witch, who emphasizes speed and AOE abilities. She chases down Survivors with a fiery dash that leaves a trail on the ground, as well as a high-damage explosion with her at the center.
  4. The Brute, a tank-like behemoth that focuses on crowd control. His charge and spin both work to disable and slow opponents, making it hard for Survivors to escape.

With the release so close, it won’t be long until we can see the teamwork of this simple-yet-brutal indie title first hand. Keep an eye out for the release later this week so you can be first in line to decide the fate of Darksburg!