Tales From The Galaxy’s Edge Is A New Star Wars VR Game Currently In Development

Tales From The Galaxy’s Edge Is A New Star Wars VR Game Currently In Development
Credit: HelloGreedo via YouTube

One of the most popular rides at Disney World right now is Galaxy’s Edge. It lets players go on a wild ride exploring the planet of Batuu.

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford tickets to Disney World or make accommodations to travel. If you’re in this spot and are an avid gamer, you’re in luck. A new Star Wars game is in the works called Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge.

It’s a VR game from the people at ILMxLAB and Oculus Studios. You might remember their work from Vader Immortal, one of the most popular VR titles in recent memory. They’re picking up the Star Wars franchise once again and giving gamers an even more diverse and immersive experience.

The game will let players move throughout Batuu’s Black Spire Outpost, a location that’s teaming with interesting things and characters.

Looking at the game’s official website, it looks like it will revolve around action-adventure featuring different traversal systems. It also says that players will have the chance to make impactful choices that shape how the game plays out.

Any time a game has this sort of design, it’s inherently more interesting. You’re constantly on the edge of your seat seeing how your actions affect the story. Add VR immersion to the mix and Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge sounds like an incredible gaming experience.

It’s incredible what Disney World has done with Galaxy’s Edge. They’ve extended the lore and created so many interesting characters around it. You’ll be able to see these characters — and new ones — in this VR game too.

Even if you’re not the most advanced VR gamer, it’s important to note that the game will have multiple difficulty settings and gameplay types. You can thus tailor your experience based on what you’re comfortable with.

In this way, Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge seems very accommodating. The developer wants everyone to experience this epic Star Wars adventure and Batuu’s distinct settings.

That’s pretty much all of the details that are available at this time. The game is currently scheduled to release this year so as we draw closer to launch, you can bet the developers will put out more details and trailers.

Vader Immortal was a bit limited in terms of what you could do, but ILMxLAB seems to be learning more about the VR space as a whole and making the necessary improvements with this upcoming Star Wars game. That’s very promising and bodes well for VR gaming enthusiasts.