The Competitive Shooter Valorant Racked Up Impressive Twitch Viewer Numbers During Closed Beta

The Competitive Shooter Valorant Racked Up Impressive Twitch Viewer Numbers During Closed Beta
Credit: Back to the game via YouTube

Ever since Riot Games introduced the public to Valorant, gamers have flocked to it in droves. This competitive shooter has a lot of buzz right now, which is a testament to Riot adding the right elements of skilled shooting and unique hero abilities.

To show just how popular Valorant is at the moment, some figures were just revealed regarding Twitch viewership. During the closed beta, this game was able to achieve 470 million watch hours.

That’s an incredible stat. It just goes to show Valorant’s rise in popularity in the short period of time that the closed beta has been available.

The closed beta is now over, but the game is set to release on June 4. Who knows how much better the full version will be? It’s exciting to think about its true potential.

So far, Valorant is trending in the right direction. It gets a lot of things right, such as its environment details, character models, class options, and refined shooting mechanics.

The game’s servers have held up well despite the insane amount of activity it has received throughout the last couple of weeks. Players can get in and stay in without having to worry about lag.

It’s the skill ceiling that many are falling in love with lately, though. Since guns have a pretty big recoil, you have to be very precise with where you’re shooting at. Accurate shots are required to help your team come out on top.

You’ll also have to account for movement-based inaccuracies. If you’re not in the correct position, you’ll feel a lot of frustration trying to take out opponents. Thus, there are actual skills you’ll need to master to become comfortable and skilled in Valorant.

It’s also great seeing that despite the high skill ceiling, Valorant is still very approachable. You can pick up the systems quick and learn each class without needing prior knowledge of competitive shooters.

It’s like the perfect balance of skill and user-friendliness that Riot Games has mastered perfectly. Once the game is officially out on June 4, you can bet its Twitch numbers will soar through the roof.

It’s a very exciting time for both Riot Games and competitive shooter fans. Hopefully, the developer has a smooth launch and makes the necessary adjustments based on feedback they’ve received.

They’re on a great path and now just need to make the finishing touches, so that players have optimal experiences when Valorant goes live for everyone.