Drama In North America’s Community As IWillDominate Was Accused Of Being Boosted By A Solo Queue player

Drama In North America’s Community As IWillDominate Was Accused Of Being Boosted By A Solo Queue player
Credit: League of Legends via YouTube

Tarzaned has spilled the beans about IWDominate.

The streamer, known for his prowess in North American solo queue, claimed he boosted IWD to Challenger in League of Legends.

“You call yourself a Challenger player and you never actually got Challenger on your own,” Tarzaned said on his stream last night. “I actually had to play on your account for two years straight to get Challenger.”

Tarzaned said he boosted two of IWD’s accounts to the top rank over the course of season seven and eight.

“I don’t know how he can have such a massive ego, I’m so nice to you,” he said. “I held onto this information for three years. It’s just very disrespectful. You really need to drop your ego.”

Later in his stream, Tarzaned claimed IWD paid him over $10,000 for the service. Tarzaned tweeted a screengrab of IWD allegedly sending him $4,179.61 on PayPal between August 2018 and September 2019. “The ~300 payments are for hand leveling accounts (I would find people to do it for him),” Tarzaned said. “The 2.4k was getting NAMonkey813 in Season 7 to Challenger from D1.”

The feud first came to light after some back and forth between the two streamers.

“He wasn’t bantering,” IWD said earlier this week. “He just continued to shit on me. So, fuck that guy. Literally, just fuck him forever. He’s actually just a cancer human being. He’s cancer to play with, in the game, and cancer to deal with in general.”

IWD is best known for streaming to a large audience on Twitch. He started his career as a professional League player in 2011, joining compLexity Gaming, before eventually signing with Team Curse, who later became Team Liquid. IWD retired in 2016 to stream fulltime. Since then, he’s hosted multiple League podcasts and maintained a sizable following on YouTube.

IWillDominate went live on stream this morning to refute Tarzaned’s allegations. He claims that he boosted one of Tarzaned’s accounts, providing several Discord screengrabs as evidence. IWD admitted that Tarzaned played on his account but said it was to prevent it from decaying. He denied paying Tarzaned over $10,000 but said he bought unranked accounts from the streamer.

North America’s scene has been the centerpiece this offseason of drama due to multiple situations arising, such as Doublelift’s transfer to Team Solo Mid, multiple leaks of roster changes and now this. The region has the drama in it’s blood and keeps growing and growing as the time passes.