Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’s New Patch Fixes Bugs, Unlocks Pre-order Content, And Nerfs Photo Mode

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’s New Patch Fixes Bugs, Unlocks Pre-order Content, And Nerfs Photo Mode
Credit: EA via YouTube

The team at Respawn has released another patch for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, this time fixing numerous bugs, making pre-order content available for everybody, and nerfing the photo mode camera. Yes, while most developers release updates to nerf weapons that are so powerful that they upset the balance of the game, Respawn needed to nerf their camera. It turns out the camera was simply far too powerful, even for a Jedi to wield.

None of the bugs that were patched were huge deals, but fixing any bugs is always appreciated and a sign that a developer really cares about their game. Bounty Hunters no longer get stuck on Zeffo, the elevator in the last level that had an annoying tendency to disappear will no longer do that, and Gorgara on Dathomirm who also had a nasty habit of disappearing will stay put from now on.

The patch has improved collision on Ilum, updated the language translations, and fixed an issue where the Albino Wyyyschokk tactical guide wasn’t showing up for all players. Finally, there was (another) issue with photo mode where certain screen ratios would cause text to overlap. That, too, has been fixed.

All pre-order content that was not retailer-specific has now been unlocked for all players. Cal can now wield an orange lightsaber, use a Mygeeto campaign lightsaber hilt, or an Umbaran campaign lightsaber hilt. There’s also a Bee-D-1 skin, as well as a gold squadron skin for the Stinger Mantis.

Then there’s photo mode, with the all-powerful rocket-destroying camera. If players activated photo mode while a rocket was flying through the air towards them, they could explode the rocket simply by moving the camera towards it. It sounds like some sort of collision issue. It also sounds really, really funny and something that will be sorely missed.

It wasn’t all fun and games, though, and by nerfing the camera, Respawn didn’t just take away our fun, but also fixed a serious issue with the game. Sometimes, when blowing up rockets with the camera exploit, the game’s audio levels would freak out and rise to such an extreme volume that they would effectively break the game. Now that the rocket exploit has been fixed, so has the game-breaking audio issue.

All the players wanted was a special, magical camera that could freeze time and blow up ordinance. Is that really too much to ask? That certainly sounds like a canonical Jedi power, right? Leave it to Respawn to spoil our completely normal fun.