Square Enix Has Started To Show Some Alternative Costumes Of The Superheroes In Marvel’s Avengers

Square Enix Has Started To Show Some Alternative Costumes Of The Superheroes In Marvel’s Avengers
Credit: Caboose via YouTube

There haven’t been a lot of superhero games that have come out this year. The one major title was Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, which by all accounts, is a pretty great game. If you’re looking for an advanced combat system, though, you probably longed for more than the hack-n-slash design. Fortunately, Marvel’s Avengers is looking to shine in that department.

Square Enix has shared a lot of details on the game as of late. Most notably, we finally saw our favorite superheros in battle. Iron Man looks so fun to fly with. The Hulk has insane strength and jumping abilities. And how can you not appreciate the electrifying powers of Thor? Marvel’s Avengers is shaping up to be quite an amazing game, especially if you’ve followed these iconic characters over the years from the movies and comic books.

Just recently, we got some more details on these characters’ alternative costumes. It’s not a huge update, but at least fans get to see what sort of options they’ll have as far as decking their favorite character out in gear. First up is Thor. Two costumes were shown. The first one appears to be more Viking-like, with light blues and jewels all over. It seems like a beautiful costume that gives Thor a more regal aesthetic.

The next Thor costume is even more decadent. This time, the costume features a lot of gold. The gold plate on his chest is quite a stand-out feature, and according to reports, this is King Thor’s costume. It looks amazing to say the least.

The next character on the docket is Hulk. His revealed costume is pretty different compared to his original that just features shorts. In the reveal, he’s sporting a blue suit. It’s pretty rare to seem him in one. If you’re familiar with Hulk from the comic books, this version is called Joe Fixit or the Grey Hulk. This design is generating a lot of buzz on the internet and rightfully so.

Finally, Captain America’s alternative scale costume is shown. It’s pretty unique in that it features scale textures and light blues. All in all, these character costumes look amazing. The costumes are an important aspect of this game as they give gamers plenty of variety to keep the aesthetics fresh.

In terms of how these costumes can be unlocked, you can get them through in-game progression. Some of them you will have to buy, though. Either way, it seems Square Enix is putting a lot of time into these character models — which is great to see.