Sony Makes PlayStation 4 Exclusive Game Free To Play For PS Plus Users This Weekend

Sony Makes PlayStation 4 Exclusive Game Free To Play For PS Plus Users This Weekend
Credit: Sony via YouTube

Sony recently announced that they’re going to make one of their best PlayStation VR games free to play for PS Plus subscribers, as Firewall Zero Hour will be free to download and play from June 28 to July 1. On top of that, players who participate during Firewall’s free weekend will receive double XP until the event concludes, and that progress will carry over if someone who tries it free decides to purchase the game.

The PlayStation exclusive launched in August of last year, and for the most part, the game was well-received. If you’re not familiar with Firewall Zero Hour, the game is a tactical, multiplayer-based first-person shooter, which pits squads of four against one another.

Since being released last summer, Firewall Zero Hour has received a ton of updates, as they’ve added new types of missions and brand new rewards. They’ve also completely revamped their user interface since the game was released, and have added two new maps that are completely free.

When the PlayStation Plus free trial for Firewall Zero Hour has concluded, users should be able to purchase the game for around $40, unless Sony decides to discount it after the free trial expires. If you’re looking to download the game this weekend, then it shouldn’t take too long, as the file size is only around 10GB.

Recently, Sony also announced its two free games for PlayStation Plus users in the month of July, and they are Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 and Horizon Chase Turbo. Of course, the announcement was met with a good bit of discontent, to say the least, so Sony temporarily making Firewall Zero Hour free for PS Plus users should help smooth things over a bit.

In total, there are 10 maps in Firewall Zero Hour, and their titles are Bunker, Compound, Containment, District, Docks, Embassy, Hotel, Office, Shoothouse, and Warehouse. You can find full details regarding all 10 of the aforementioned maps on the game’s official website.

If you’re brand new to Firewall Zero Hour, the game has a leveling system, as you’d probably expect. While climbing the ranks of the game’s leveling system, players will unlock new abilities like increased reload speed, faster movement, decreased weapon recoil, and the ability to carry extra flashbangs and grenades.

As previously mentioned, Firewall Zero Hour, which is a PlayStation exclusive title, will only be available for PS Plus subscribers from June 28 until July 1, and then it’ll go back to its regular price of $40.