Sony Is Actually Offering Refunds To Select Anthem Players Experiencing Crashes

Sony Is Actually Offering Refunds To Select Anthem Players Experiencing Crashes
Credit: BagoGames via Flickr (license)

Anthem has been in the news a lot lately, and not for good reasons. Ever since its beta launch and succeeding official launch, this looter-shooter has been plagued with issues. EA has an entire forum dedicated to them, in fact. Now, this is not out of the norm.

Any time a huge online game like Anthem gets produced, bugs are to be expected. However, it’s when these bugs interfere with gameplay drastically that adjustments need to be made promptly. Otherwise, gamers will stop playing online altogether and move on to something that’s more finely polished.

One of the biggest issues in Anthem – particularly regarding PS4 users – is consoles crashing completely. Select sequences in Anthem are causing PS4s to shut off completely. You can imagine how frustrating this is. Imagine getting to a certain stage or part of a mission and finding out that your progress is all for not.

This is happening quite a bit it seems. Fortunately, Sony has taken the initiative to address these shutting-down issues. According to several Reddit users, they’ve been able to reach out to Sony and get a full refund. This is refreshing on Sony’s part.

It shows they’re willing to restore good faith with customers who paid so much for a game that – quite honestly – wasn’t fully fleshed out before its official release. EA and Bioware have yet to make an official statement regarding these PS4 bugs, but hopefully they’re taking notice too.

Although it seems like Anthem is getting a lot of negative feedback, it’s not all doom and gloom. There are some shining moments worth exploring. Most notably: the ability to fly around in armored suits. Their mechanics make for hours of fun, even if you’re just exploring the beautifully rendered levels.

What EA and Bioware need to do is continue to address the major bugs in Anthem. It won’t be easy, but at least it shows gamers they are listening to the constructive criticism they’ve been getting lately. They certainly have the resources to do so and the manpower.

It will just take some time to work out the gameplay issues. Also, it wouldn’t hurt if they put a little more into the story. It seems completely lacking in this AAA title, which is a shame because many gamers still long for gripping storylines.

Let’s see if Anthem gets the much-needed upgrades it needs to remain a viable property going forward.