Sledgehammer Unlocks Most Of The Call Of Duty WWII DLC Weapons…Permanently

Sledgehammer Unlocks Most Of The Call Of Duty WWII DLC Weapons…Permanently
Credit: Sledgehammer via YouTube

Call of Duty World War II got off to a rocky start. There were issues with the servers, criticisms of the cosmetic transaction systems, and lack of playable maps. Despite the flak, Sledgehammer continued to support the game and announced today via Reddit that a majority of the DLC weapons will now be available to unlock permanently.

As a thank you to the long-lasting Call of Duty WW2 community, who continue to populate the game’s multiplayer servers on PC, Xbox and PlayStation, Sledgehammer opens up the collections for permanent unlock.

There is a range of guns now available in drops, such as the M36 Sniper, the Wimmersperg Spz AR, the Austen SMG, the M267 SMG, the Chatelerault LMG, the GDB-79 AR, and the Bechowiec SMG.

The team is removing the “Limited Time” UI which meant you could only unlock guns for a certain amount of time. It’s been a point of contention in the fanbase since the game’s release, and although it’s taken the game a long time to reach this point, at last, you can unlock the guns whenever you want.

There’s also a bunch of new contracts for the previous batch of weapons, and a list of dates when they’ll be available. You can pick up weapons like the Erma EMP and the Fire Axe throughout July and August.

Sledgehammer’s Reddit post almost reads like a eulogy to COD: WW2. Call of Duty always has a limited lifetime. Each year a new title is released, and over time the player base of previous titles shrinks to non-existence. This is one of the SHG dev teams final acts to give back to the community which continues to support the game.

Considering Call of Duty: WW2 was released back in November 2017, the number of people still actively playing the game is impressive. Much of the DLC introduced contributed a lot to the game and the continued communication between SHG and the community has created a strong fan-base.

Its reached a point where many hardcore fans consider it one of the best boots-on-the-ground Call of Duty’s ever. There’s a wide range of weapons, skins and game modes. The DLC content adds a lot of new playable maps into the mix as well.

If you haven’t tried the game, prices of second-hand discs are at an all-time low, and with the continued support from Sledgehammer, it might be worth giving a go, even in 2019.