Sindel’s Character Model Was Just Teased By Ed Boon For Mortal Kombat 11’s Upcoming DLC

Sindel’s Character Model Was Just Teased By Ed Boon For Mortal Kombat 11’s Upcoming DLC
Credit: Caboose via YouTube

Mortal Kombat 11 has been quite a benchmark for the developers at NetherRealm Studios. This 11th installment is arguably their best to date. It really has everything. There’s an epic story, a gripping villain in Kronika, brutal fatalities, and an amazing cast of characters to play with.

You would be hard-pressed to find an issue with this fighting game, to be honest. That’s a testament to NetherRealm Studio’s ability to listen to their faithful fans and consistently progress an amazing franchise. Another coveted aspect of the Mortal Kombat games — and this version is no different — is their addition of new DLC characters.

New character additions typically come out several months after the official release. Thus far, we’ve been treated to Shang Tsung. He’s been quite a popular character to play with, who has the ability to transform into iconic ninjas like Smoke, Rain, and Ermac.

We also have known for quite some time that Spawn and Night Wolf will be making an appearance here pretty shortly. Lastly, but certainly not least, is Sindel. She has been rumored to appear in an upcoming DLC update, which has gotten fans of the series buzzing.

Sindel is one of the most iconic villains in Mortal Kombat. She’s usually depicted alongside the evil emperor, Shao Kahn. She’s pretty much the official queen of Outworld.

Although she’s been pretty much confirmed for MK11, many are still interested in what this rendition could look like. It appears we can set aside suspicions as a picture of her was just revealed on Twitter by the creator himself, Ed Boon.

The image is surrounded by darkness. Sindel is featured in the center dressed in purple garments. She has spiked shoulder pads and sharp red eyes. It’s a pretty ghostly image, quite frankly.

The red eyes pretty much confirm she’s on the evil side, supporting Kronika and her quest to restore time to its natural order. It’s a shame that Sindel didn’t appear in the story, but at least fans will have the chance to play with her online and in ladder matches.

It’s pretty safe to assume that her long hair will come into play as far as her combat mechanics go. This has happened with pretty much every version of Mortal Kombat that Sindel has been featured in.

Other than that, we don’t quite know her move list. Let’s just hope the developers do her justice and make her a formidable opponent, as she has a prominent role in the MK universe.