Second Kingdom Come: Deliverance Scripting Tutorial Explains Behaviors And Movements

Second Kingdom Come: Deliverance Scripting Tutorial Explains Behaviors And Movements
Credit: Kingdom Come Deliverance via Steam

Kingdom Come: Deliverance continues to release new video tutorials for its 2018 title. While there are no more big DLCs planned, gamers have the chance to make their own adventures.

Warhorse Studios released the modding tools at the end of October but hasn’t abandoned budding modders. The developer is has a Wiki and video series with more information on how to use their new modding tools.

The Scripting Tutorial video series on YouTube goes in-depth on how to use the new modding tools.

Sorry, console players, the Modding Tools are currently only for PC users. PR Manager Tobias Stolz-Zwilling stated, “Unfortunately, consoles are out because they’re not supporting this – it’s not because we don’t want to, but because Microsoft and Sony haven’t agreed on anything yet, so I can tell you: PC – yes, and we’ll see about the rest, I’m not sure.”

The modding tools are available at Nexus Mods. Not only are the files hosted here, but a community to seek additional modding assistance.

On November 7, Warhorse Studios uploaded their second installment called “Link network, Calling Behaviors, Movement.”

According to the Scripting Tools Wiki on Nexus Mods: “NPC calls a behavior from the SmartArea which makes him move to a tagPoint and play the animation.”

There are four new introduced nodes: “GraphSearch,” LinkTagFilter,” “Move,” and “CallBehavior.”

The tutorials are exercises devised to help gamers learn each step and then use that knowledge to create their mod. Though these tutorials outline specific steps, they are not set in stone. The developer encourages modders to “come up with your own solution first.”

According to the YouTube comments of the most recent video, there are around ten videos in the series planned. The fourth tutorial video is currently in production and will be available in the following weeks.

The next videos in the series include “Advanced Move, Dynamic node values, Distance tests, Gates” and “Guard behavior, Loops, Randomization, Save/Load.”

Each tutorial expands on the last exercise, so it’s important to follow the series in order. Every section either creates something new or expands on the previous lesson. In the end, they can all coexist together.

Gamers can currently pick up Kingdom Come: Deliverance on sale for 50% off until Monday at GoG, but it’s sure to go on sale again in the upcoming holiday season.