Sea of Thieves Is Celebrating 15 Million Players Since Launch Back In 2018

Sea of Thieves Is Celebrating 15 Million Players Since Launch Back In 2018
Credit: Sea of Thieves via YouTube

Rare is proud to announce that their title, Sea of Thieves, has been played by more than fifteen million players. The game launched back in March 2018 to a very lackluster reception, but quickly the game’s community has grown as more content found its way into this nautical adventure.

This is only the latest of thresholds that the game has been celebrating. June 2020 was massively successful with over 3.3 million players joining the game. Since the launch on Steam on June 3, the game has sold over 1 million copies helping the community grow by a massive margin.

As Sea of Thieves continues to evolve players find more to do in the open-world experience. Originally, the game provided very little and felt almost unfinished. Two years later and the game sits in a state that many thought it would be in back at launch.

Although a large portion of the gaming community gave up on Sea of Thieves the developers powered through adding more and more content. Now, in 2020, the reception is huge and players all over the world are enjoying their own pirate adventures with their crew, friends, and family.

Launching on Steam had a big impact on the game’s reception and player base. As one of the main hubs of online gaming, it seemed odd to not allow the title access to the Steam Store. But since then, the developers have sold over a million copies and the game is now regularly being seen as one of the top-selling games in the store

There are tons of packs, cosmetics, and extra features to help fans customize their experience. This has caused a surge of respect from the community as players slowly develop their own fleets, crews, and more. The game is thriving despite all the opposition during its start.

Rare will continue to be updating and changing their game. As the community grows the developers will only add more content to give players a look into why they love this unique pirate adventure.

Feel free to join the Sea of Thieves community on the forums, social media, and through the game itself. There are tons of groups dedicated to pirate adventures in places that would surprise many fans.

Fledgling pirates will be able to experience the new Maiden Voyage experience which will give players a chance to enjoy a tutorial mode sperate from the other game modes.

Sea of Thieves is available on Xbox One, PC, and Steam.