Saint Kotar: The Yellow Mask Is Set To Release On June 18th With A Unique Horror Adventure Headed Straight For PC

Saint Kotar: The Yellow Mask Is Set To Release On June 18th With A Unique Horror Adventure Headed Straight For PC
Credit: Red Maytr Entertainment via Youtube

Saint Kotar: The Yellow Mask is a unique horror adventure game that has recently released their new trailer. Alongside the trailer, players have access to a free prologue that is set to launch on June 18 alongside the game’s Kickstarter campaign launch. The full game, Saint of Kotar, is planned to be finishing development while fans enjoy the prologue.

The developers have been putting the game through closed playtested with members of their community. Most players have enjoyed the prologue with great focus on the art style, atmosphere, and detail put into the game. The prologue does contain two hours of playtime with up to four hours if players attempted every ending.

Explore a new meaning of fear as you explore the story of Benedek Dohnany and Nikolay Kalyakin. A narrative adventure is ready to unfold in front of players as they make decisions that will ripple throughout the game and affect all the events in this macabre adventure.

After a set of macabre murders related to devil worship and witchcraft players set on an adventure to unravel a captivating and breathing story into the unknown. Explore the small town of Sveti Kotar where you and the residents prepare for the unknown.

This is a dark psychological horror game that will build on layers of environment mixed with aspects of mystery and the supernatural. Take a glimpse into a foreboding world just waiting to be explored by the keen investigator.

All your decisions will affect the storyline causing it to twist and turn along unexpected paths. Prepare for a gripping and branching plot full of mystery, tension, and horror.

One aspect that has gained much acclaim from the trailer and screenshots alone is the hand-patined art style that gives the game an extra edge on mood and environment. The perceptive player will notice small details amidst beautifully painted scenery that tell a much darker and deeper secret then the story.

The game does come fully voiced with an eerie original soundtrack mixed. Enjoy a wide variety of characters that will stick in the memory and propel the adventure forward.

This is a modern twist on point and click gameplay that will allow players a chance to explore every environment.

Fans can find the prologue available on Steam. Saint Kotar: The Yellow Mask is planned for a June 18 release along with its full Kickstarter campaign. Play the prologue for a taste at what is to come in the full version.