In Bloody Hell Hotel, You Can Redecorate, Run A Hotel, And Enjoy Eating Your Guests’ Blood For Dinner

In Bloody Hell Hotel, You Can Redecorate, Run A Hotel, And Enjoy Eating Your Guests’ Blood For Dinner
Credit: pcgamer

Vampires still have to abide by a tonne of laws despite being the most dreaded and fearsome undead. You must avoid direct sunshine. Crucifixes and garlic are off-limits. You are not permitted to cross rivers, go into churches, or stand there and count the bits of rice that are thrown at your feet.

Most irritating, you need to have someone’s invitation to enter their home. However, there is a fantastic exception to that last rule: simply invite your targets to your home rather than breaking into theirs.

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You are a vampire in the first-person management game Bloody Hell Hotel, which resembles House Flipper, Stardew Valley, and V Rising. You are remodeling your expansive manor to make it into a posh hotel. You can also eat your customers’ blood, unlike the majority of hotel proprietors.

You, an old bloodsucker, awaken from a century-long nap to discover your once-impressive manor in ruins. The estate needs a lot of work to be restored, but on the bright side, you’re a vampire. You may charm a broomstick to start cleaning up, and you can utilize preternatural abilities to rearrange the furniture and clear garbage, as you can see in the video above, courtesy of IGN.

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Install gadgets that probably didn’t exist when you last woke up, cultivate food-producing plants in the dismal dungeon, and design your hotel to appeal to affluent blood bag guests.

Any hotel manager knows how vital it is to keep their clients satisfied, but let’s be clear: you’re also a bloodthirsty vampire. If a specific guest is a pest, it’s much simpler to break down their door and consume their blood than it is to deal with a negative review.

And there’s no reason to throw away the brand-new corpse. You can use the meat from your murdered guests while cooking delectable room service dishes, in addition to milking your zombie cow and gathering eggs from zombie hens.