Skelattack Is A 2D Action Platformer That Is Heading For Release On Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch And Steam

Skelattack Is A 2D Action Platformer That Is Heading For Release On Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch And Steam
Credit: Konami via Youtube

Save the underworld as a unique skeletal warrior ready to tackle even the biggest problems. This is a flip on the usual dungeon crawling adventure where players must come to terms with being dead, and understand what they have lost in life. Defend your underworld from plundering humans and explore a new life in Skelattack.

Explore an adventure of magic and death after the humans kidnap the Aftervale’s elder skeleton. With your trusted bat companion, you must jump, slash, flap, and explore the underworld to stop the human threat from spreading even further.

Enter the world of Skelattack and save the underworld in a fun and entertaining action platformer. With your best bat friend at your side, you must jump your way through complicated levels and slash all enemies who cross your path.

The underworld is populated by quirky inhabitants of the afterlife. There is even a section called Aftervale where everyone lives together in a happy hub and prepare to spend eternity in the afterlife.

Players take the role of Skully, a new member to the undead community. Just as you start to get the hang of being dead, humans decide to ruin the party. Instead of seeking gold or treasure, they kidnap a member of the undead and then prepare to go after the magic that rekindles the spirits of the dead.

Jumping into action, Skully rises as a hero to defend the Blue Flame and rescue the elder skeleton. With your best bat friend Imber in tow, players travel onward to stop the human threat.

Experience a unique platforming experience with fluid movements and platforms. The game is designed with modern thinking helping players explore a more modern platformer.

There is a beautiful and rich art style built into the game. Enjoy a mix of modern music with the unique art style bringing this fictional world to life.

Fight humans, find checkpoints, and practice jumping from platform to platform. As you explore the world you will unlock new abilities and powers allowing you new tools to take on the human threat.

Interested fans can find more information about Skelattack on Steam. The game has been released as of June 2, as a fresh new experience available for $19.99. There is more information about this title on the game’s main website along with videos showcasing the upcoming action of this unique roguelike experience. With tight controls, a best bat friend, and a human horde to take on players are in for one unique experience.