Riot Developers Discuss Coming Changes To Teamfight Tactics Carousel In Upcoming Galaxies Update

Riot Developers Discuss Coming Changes To Teamfight Tactics Carousel In Upcoming Galaxies Update
Credit: League of Legends via Youtube

Teamfight Tactics has become wildly popular in the hype of the Autobattler fad. Maybe fad isn’t the right word, seeing as it doesn’t seem like these games are going anywhere, but it certainly seems like quite a few autobattlers starting appearing around the same time as each other.

Either way, Riot’s Teamfight Tactics is incredibly popular, utilizing champions and items from the core game and rearranging them to be entirely different. Wanna build a Rabadons on a Varus? Yeah, that’s viable! Warmog Annie? Sure, go ahead!

But there are quite a few changes coming for the new Galaxies system update that Riot has moving down the pipe. Riot_Mort, Llord Llama, and Statikk all got together and delivered a developers update on the changes.

“The start of a new Teamfight Tactics set is the best time to revisit some of our core systems that need an update,” they write. “We’re always looking for ways to improve the core of TFT, so we’ve got quite a few changes coming we think will be pretty positive.”

The first thing to discuss here is the Carousel, which takes place in the middle of every round. Players huddle around a spinning carousel with a selection of champions rotating about, each one equipped with an item. Sometimes these are perfect combinations and sometimes you’ll want to grab a champion just to sell them for the item.

Originally, the starting carousel was a mixture of 1 and 2 cost champions, but Riot has changed this. “Though we wanted the first champ to guide your comp, it turned out that simply selling a 2-cost champion was almost always the best decision.” Because of this unexpected effect, Riot has decided to change it so that all of the first carousel will be composed of 1-cost champions.

There also will be new items coming to help and shake things up, as it seemed that they had gotten rather stale. They’ll be doing what they can to spice up the items being dropped and even went so far as to remove the much-desired Spatula item, which could make or break many builds. The Spatula will still appear but will be much rarer. Additionally, full items will appear earlier than the fifth carousel phase, and components can show up later on as well.

With the addition of so much to the carousel system, it’ll be opening up entirely new builds and strategies. Riot hopes to counter the strategy of purposely losing early on to earn a better economy and easier carousel picks with these changes, but only time will tell if the strategy is effective in that regard.