Cloudpunk Is A Cyberpunk Exploration Game That Hits Steam On April 23

Cloudpunk Is A Cyberpunk Exploration Game That Hits Steam On April 23
Credit: ION LANDS via YouTube

More and more games these days are featuring cyberpunk themes. They certainly ramped up when Cyberpunk 2077 was first teased by CD Projekt Red all these years ago. It’s not hard to see the appeal of these visual themes, either. They depict amazing neon structures that have a life force of their own in a lot of ways.

Well, you can add Cloudpunk to the list of these games. It’s an exploration game about navigating around a vibrant futuristic metropolis in a flying delivery car. That sounds like a scene straight from an episode of the Jetsons or Bladerunner. Ever since this game was first announced, it has cyberpunk lovers ecstatic about what’s to come.

Fortunately, fans don’t have to wait that much longer as it appears Cloudpunk is hitting Steam on April 23. That’s  a little over a month away, a wait that certainly seems worth it if you enjoy games set in the future. As mentioned earlier, the game’s premise is about delivering packages to recipients in a flying car. That just sounds like a fun time that should draw a lot of gamers in early on.

You get to take on the role of Rania. It’s your first day on the job with Cloudpunk and needless to say, you need to be on your best behavior. You’ll have the pleasure of navigating the crowded airways around a city called Nivalis. It seems like a pleasant place to spend some time weaving in and out of traffic and exploring the beautiful neon lights up above.

There will be a lot of driving — or flying rather — but also interacting with an amazing cast of characters. These include androids, AI, and humans. That’s where the story-based design comes into play and should make you care more about the characters incorporated at every turn. You’ll get to listen to their stories and learn a little more about the city that you now find yourself flying around.

The further along you get in the story, the more secrets and conspiracies you’ll unravel. Who knew a simple delivery driver could stumble upon such revelations? They certainly help drive the story forward and make you interested with every character interaction.

The game’s developer — ION LANDS — has given Cloudpunk a ton of personality already and it stands to reason that your experiences will be truly memorable when this game officially launches next month. Whether you’re up for an adventure or just want to see what it’s like to drive a flying car, this game seems like it will deliver.