Release Time For Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare, And Activision’s Sick Note For Skipping Work Tomorrow

Release Time For Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare, And Activision’s Sick Note For Skipping Work Tomorrow
Credit: Call of Duty via YouTube

The countdown to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has begun, and no more time to wait until all new patches can be experienced. Statistically, this is going to be the biggest COD final releases in recent years; fans are already waiting to stream their gameplay live on twitch. Interesting, isn’t it?

Lots of fans are prepping for Infinity Ward’s reboot of the big-budget blockbuster 2007 game. Recently Activision released a break-down of the needed information for the upcoming release of the FPS. As is popularly known, the global official release date for Modern Warfare 2019 is Friday, October 25, for the major game engines; Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Moreover, it may not be as everyone expects. The reason is simple. This is due to different time zones and pre-load times etc. Everyone knows the benefit of pre-load times; they are great and help gamers prepped even before the release time.

The following shows the release time for different game engines:
For PC gamers, the pre-installation is ready on Battle-net (blizzard) since October 22 at 10a PDT for those who pre-purchased the game. Depending on the location and time zone, the official PC launch time is 6 pm PDT, or 9 pm EDT later today. (October 24)
For those at BST, it’s 2 am on October 25, or 4 am MSK, 3 am CEST, 9 am SGT, or 10 am KST. For a simple understanding, the map below shows it clearly.

pre-load timezones

Xbox One and PS4
Well, for consoles, the pre-loading has been on since last week, so for those that pre-purchased, it can be done now. Although, the pre-order game will be live locally at midnight anywhere on the globe, being Friday, October 25. However, there’s an exception to this rule, those in North America, well it’s different, it launches today (October 24) at 6 pm PDT, or 9 pm EDT.

Also, those with digital copies on Xbox One and PS4 should inquire from their console dashboard for precise launch time in respective regions.

It’s set, just a few hours from now to the official release of Modern Warfare, but there’s catch for those who’d be working. Activision has a solution for that, though, and a funny one. Well, it depends on the company and the wit of the employer.

Here’s what Activision did; they used the same approach when Fallout 4 got released. Activision came up with a note that relieves players of their current job responsibilities tomorrow (October 25), the official launch day of Modern Warfare. Shown below is the document twitted a few hours ago by the Official Call of Duty UK page:

Players should use their discretion here though unless the employer has a good sense of humor, then they permit, else please avoid using that not to show up at work.

Well, it’s up to players to decide.