Hideo Kojima Reveals Cameo Of Late Night Host Conan O’Brien In Upcoming Game Death Stranding

Hideo Kojima Reveals Cameo Of Late Night Host Conan O’Brien In Upcoming Game Death Stranding
Credit: Hideo Kojima via Twitter

Late-night host Conan O’Brien has visited Japan a few times in the past. He never shies away from sharing his adventures on his show, CONAN.

During his most recent visit, Conan visited Kojima Productions, the home base of creator Hideo Kojima. The studio is responsible for Death Stranding, one of the most highly anticipated games coming in November.

In a video uploaded on the official Team Coco Youtube channel, Conan details his visit to Kojima’s offices. At first, he’s given a tour of the facilities, including Kojima’s toy collection. His collection includes a doll that matches his likeness, Star Wars memorabilia, and one of his favorite special effects heroes, Ultraman.

People in the office were still working on Death Stranding, so the computer screens were blurred. If gamers were hoping for sneak peeks of the upcoming game, they’re out of luck.

Conan was then invited to view the trailer for Death Stranding. Conan provides amusing commentary on various parts of the trailer, such as Sam’s job as a courier.

Impressed by the trailer, Conan was even more surprised when Kojima gave him an offer: to be in Death Stranding. He was given no prior information about who his character would be and what role they would play in the story.

Conan agreed to be included in the game. After viewing the trailer, his body was scanned, and his likeness added to the game.

Gamers are given a look at how the 3D process is done. A large number of cameras surround Conan. His face is then scanned, showing various emotions to ensure the studio has all of the data needed to transport him into the game.

Kojima also revealed the news on his official Twitter account. Conan’s character is named “The Wondering MC.” Conan has a unique scene with the lead character, Sam.

After speaking to Sam, The Wondering MC gives him the “Sea Otter Suit.” The suit is a full bodysuit with a cute sea otter helmet. The suit also has an important boost: while wearing it, he can swim in the rushing rivers through the powerful currents.

Celebrities are nothing new for the upcoming Death Stranding game. Other notable people appearing in the game are Norman Reedus, Guillermo del Toro, and Lindsay Wagner.

Death Stranding is scheduled to be released on November 8.