Razer Blade’s Largest Laptop Blade Pro 17 Redesigned With Smaller Footprint And Repositioned Touchpad

Razer Blade’s Largest Laptop Blade Pro 17 Redesigned With Smaller Footprint And Repositioned Touchpad
Credit: Razer

It’s surely been a long time before Razer Blade’s Blade Pro got a significant upgrade. Their Blade 15 version already got a sophisticated upgrade last year. After which, the company also launched a similar rework for their Blade Stealth 13-inch ultrabook.

And now, the brand’s biggest laptop, Blade Pro 17 just got a redesign treatment. The said redesign pleasantly came along with a smaller footprint compared to its 2017 model. Aside from that, it also added a repositioned touchpad, placed to its original position down the keyboard.

For only $2,799, one will get a laptop that’s powered by a Core i7 CPU (9750H) with 16GB RAM. Not only that, it comes with 512GB of SSD, Max-Q RTX 2070 graphics, and 144Hz 1080p screen. Razer Blade was also kind enough to make this model expensive and sophisticated productivity and gaming machine. All these are not new for any high-end gaming machines like Razer, but admittedly, these specs are over the top.

The device’s connectivity can also be future-proofed with an 802.11ax next gen, 2.5GB Ethernet, and Wifi6 connection. Though these gen 2 USB-3.2 ports are rebadged versions of the gen 2 USB 3.1 ports, they’re still pretty impressive. The display is equally stellar, with its 144Hz and a 1080p display. Gaming will be vivid but not overly bright.

In terms of design, most gamers and users of Razer Blade are fans of the device’s sleek visuals. It comes with an understated aluminum black exterior, RGB per-key keyboards, and mobile-friendly thin fine shells. Razer Blade moved Blade Pro 17 back with other laptops they currently have. The keyboard in Pro 17 is very similar to Blade 15’s, only that the former has better touchpads.

Blade Pro 17 also has a Razer logo that lights up on its lid. Though this spoils the device stealthy looks, it’s a head turner. One of the major aspects of design is the matte-black laptop shell that can pick up smudges and fingerprints easily. Many complained about this, but by far, this is the only thing that’s offensive when it comes to design.

The bezels found on the device display look like pleasant trimmings, and its port selection is great. The trimmings left enough room for the up top Windows Hello cam. The USB ports of Blade Pro 17 are also speedier and newer compared to its predecessors.

Apart from design, Blade Pro 17 possesses countless finer qualities, especially in performance, audio, connectivity, battery life, and more. Simply put, it’s definitely worth the price.