Nostalgia Everywhere! A Full-Sized Commodore 64 Keyboard and Retro Joystick Coming Out Later this Year

Nostalgia Everywhere! A Full-Sized Commodore 64 Keyboard and Retro Joystick Coming Out Later this Year
Credit: THE C64 via YouTube

Retro Games is bringing back old memories as it will be releasing a full-sized Commodore 64 keyboard in December 2019.

The C64 platform actually has a working keyboard that will put a smile to every retro game fans out there. There are three basic modes for this platform–the default C64, VIC 20, and the Games Carousel.

Plugging in is quite simple. Just hook it up to any TV using HDMI cable, and you can already enjoy the HD games at either 50 Hz or 60 Hz.

Another addition is the retro joystick, which will complete the whole nostalgic trip. The joystick is updated because there are some microswitches added to the board. This will also help you play the pre-loaded games as they are meant to be experienced.

There was actually a Mini-C64 that was released last year. However, the bite-sized keyboard just doesn’t give you that whole feeling of satisfaction of pressing the keys. It doesn’t make sense to connect another keyboard to the platform when there are keys on the box itself.

Retro games mentioned such classics as Paradroid, California Games, Boulder Dash, along with new ones like Hover Bovver, Attack of the Mutant Camels, Gridrunner, and Iridis Alpha. Planet of the Death and Galencia are also included in the upcoming platform.

The CG4 platform includes such games as:

– “Netherworld”
– “Everyone’s a Wally”
– “Impossible Mission”
– “Chips Challenge”
– “Highway Encounter”
– “Gateway to Apshai”
– “Battle Valley”
– “Cybernoid II”
– “Destroyer”
– “Firelord”
– “Gribbly’s Day Out”
– “Heartland”
– “Herobotix”
– “Temple of Apshai Trilogy”
– “Deflektor”
– “Avenger”
– “Impossible Mission II”
– “Nebulus”
– “The Arc of Yesod”
– “Psychedelia”
– “World Games”
– “Street Sports Baseball”
– “Confuzion”
– “Spindizzy Steel”
– “Summer Games II”
– “Speedball 2”
– “Super Cycle”
– “Thing on a Spring”
– “Winter Games”
– “Zynaps”

The games on the Mini-64 don’t vary much when you compare it with the titles listed above. But if you think they are not enough, you can also load your own games into the platform through USB.

As of now, Retro Games has not released the price point for the full-sized Commodore 64. The mini costs $79 at launch, so this one is expected to fetch a higher price when it releases in December this year. Whether you think that it’s a good enough price for nostalgia is up to you.