Rare Limited Brings Another New Game To Microsoft Platforms, Everwild Boasts Of A Magical Experience Among Players

Rare Limited Brings Another New Game To Microsoft Platforms, Everwild Boasts Of A Magical Experience Among Players
Credit: Game Clips And Tips via YouTube

The new Rare game, Everwild, is expected to bring players into a world of magic. This is apart from experiencing life in the natural ecosphere.

The England-based video game developer made the announcement just before the week ended. The news delighted fans who have been waiting for something new from Rare Limited.

The upcoming title, which will be exclusive to Microsoft platforms, would feature a magical woodland. This would be the place where the adventure happens and where gamers find new strategies to play.

Craig Duncan, Rare’s studio head, revealed at London’s X019 event that a lot could be expected from the new game.

According to him, Louise O’Connor, the project’s executive producer, and his team are developing an “incredibly special” piece. This means that the original concept from the studio is aimed at becoming “more than” being a fresh IP. As a result, gamers are assured of an experience that is not only memorable and engaging. It will also be meaningful.

Amid the excitement that the new Rare game has given among fans, Everwild is still far from happening. As of now, the team in-charge is still in the early part of the development process.

In the meantime, the video game developer made a commitment for the followers of Sea of Thieves. Despite its works for the forthcoming title, it will still continue to update the action-adventure game.

The game, which was launched in March 2018, is getting another free patch, The Seabound Soul, on Nov. 20. The newest free monthly update will bring a new weapon to defeat the enemies, the fireball. This can be used to bombard the location of the other pirates.

Another inclusion of the new Sea of Thieves patch will be the enhancement made to Tall Tale. Thus, the new Rare game update will allow players to join forces with Captain Pendragon in a quest. They will work together in chasing the Ashen Dragon, the dreaded ghost ship.

Aside from the pirate-themed game, the other Rare title that fans have been looking forward to is Banjo-Kazooie. This is a series that features Banjo, the bear, and Kazooie, the red bird.

The original title was released for the console in 1998. This was followed by Banjo-Tooie in 2000, and Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts in 2008. It has been 11 years already since the series introduced a new title. Therefore, fans have already become anxious about the possible launch of a sequel.

Keep posted for what new game Rare Limited would announce in the coming days!