Microsoft’s Child Company; Rare, Has Announced A ‘Brand New’ IP, Everwild Set In A ‘Natural And Magical World’

Microsoft’s Child Company; Rare, Has Announced A ‘Brand New’ IP, Everwild Set In A ‘Natural And Magical World’
Credit: Xbox via YouTube

Microsoft’s child company ‘Rare’; the respected British developer has recently announced a brand new Game named ‘Everwild.’ It was at Microsoft’s X019 event in London, where the team assured the audience that it was still in its pre-production phase.

For that reason, little to no details are available yet. However, Microsoft vouched for them saying: ‘Rare is creating something truly original and incredibly special.’ This statement was then backed by the executive producer of the game, Louise O’Connor.

According to the Chief Studio head, Craig Duncan, ‘While Everwild is still early in development, we are delighted about the unique potential of the game we are building for players.’ Then he continued saying: ‘The Everwild team is bent on building an experience that will accommodate a different number of ways to play the game in a natural and magical world.’

He went on to conclude with the following words: ‘Everwild will bring memorable, meaningful, and engaging experience for players everywhere to share and enjoy. There will be more to share with you in the future.’

Based on VGC, they reported the game to be an ambitious third-person adventure game that is being led by the character and voice work of the studio veteran Louise O’ Connor. She is best known as an artist that has credits to her name on Banjo-Kazooir: Nuts & Bolts and Kinetic Sports.

Besides, Rare has projects they’ve been working on lately, making Everwild the third ongoing project. However, Microsoft’s child company continues to assist its pirate game Sea of Thieves, while simultaneously working with DLaLa studios on its recent Battletoads game.

Sea of Thieves Recent Update
Furthermore, Rare took the medium to announce the next free update for Sea of Thieves at XO19, titled The Seabound Soul, this update is set to launch on November 20.

This new update features a newly put mission where Captain Pendragon and his crew sail to discover the mysterious happenings of Ashen Dragon’s ship while uncovering an ominous new threat. Also, they are now firebombs for shooting the enemies from cannons. Players can also purchase new cosmetic items with micro-transactions.

Duncan also said that: ‘The Everwild team will get all the help they can get to build the game, while also committed to improving on Sea of Thieves.’

He added: ‘maintaining two large IPs in development shows a tremendous opportunity for Rare and the gifted team members here, as we grow and further propel the studio to meet the challenges of concurrently operating successful live pre-production for a new Game.’

So far, that’s the latest Microsoft had to say about the new IP. For starters, Everwild is said to be coming to PC and Xbox platforms. Also, since it’s an Xbox original, Game Pass subscribers would be able to get it without additional cost, as it’s normal with all first-party Xbox games.