PS5 Release Date Rumors Continues As Sony Confirms The Game Console’s Arrival, Specs And Other Interesting Details Here

PS5 Release Date Rumors Continues As Sony Confirms The Game Console’s Arrival, Specs And Other Interesting Details Here
Credit: MrDalekJD via YouTube

Sony Interactive Entertainment has finally confirmed that it is coming out of the next-gen PlayStation console. Following such announcement, fans have been asking for more details, including the PS5 release date.

In the previous months, the multinational tech company did reveal any name for its upcoming console. What was only known them is that the firm is developing the successor of the PlayStation 4 Pro and PlayStation 4 Slim. Thus, the confirmation brought so much excitement among gamers.

To recall, the first-ever PlayStation video game console was launched in December 1994. Meanwhile, the PS4 Slim was released in September 2016. Would the PS5 release date fall in September or December next year?

According to reports, the upcoming console from Sony would be available during the holiday of 2020. This means that consumers could expect a December release. Gamers may check this video to have a glimpse of the PS5 before its release date comes.

Without confirmation from Sony, what fans are focusing on right now would be on its features. The anticipated specs and features could be the best reason why gamers should buy it.

Here are some of the rumored details of the highly-anticipated video game console:

· The PS5 release date may be coupled with the arrival of PSVR 2. Nevertheless, even without the second-generation VR, it can still use the current model. Yes, PlayStation 5 is compatible with PSVR 1.

· PlayStation 5 may possibly have an external SSD. Accordingly, the PlayStation cartridge, which Sony is developing at present, would be for the next-gen console. With this feature, players need not rely on PS5’s built-in SSD. In short, they do not have to worry about having a limited storage capacity in their device.

While the previous details were based on rumors, the following have already been confirmed by various tech sites:

· The forthcoming console has backward compatibility, not only with the original PSVR. It is compatible as well with the PS4 games.

· Its storage system is a built-on-purpose SSD.

· It utilizes Ryzen architecture’s third-generation model.

· Its GPU is powered by Radeon’s Navi line.

· It boasts of a 3D audio. This could have delighted gamers who are into the quality of the sound they hear while playing.

· The PS5 supports 8K television sets. Therefore, those who want to enjoy a total gaming experience, the console has a great chance of satisfying them.

In an interview, one of PlayStation’s officials, Jim Ryan, made a commitment. He shared that they will make sure that the transition between the current to the new console would be quick.