New Update For Red Dead Redemption 2 PC – Expecting Bug Fixes? Enjoy Some More Online Content Instead

New Update For Red Dead Redemption 2 PC – Expecting Bug Fixes? Enjoy Some More Online Content Instead
Credit: Rockstar Games via YouTube

In a testing week for Rockstar Games and its newest PC port, Red Dead Redemption II, the latest patch doesn’t appear to address any of the glaring bugs and crash issues experienced by PC players. Many gamers are continuing to experience game-breaking bugs which won’t allow them to launch the game, let alone run it smoothly.

The Rockstar Launcher has been notoriously poorly received. Despite offering a free copy of San Andreas for those who installed it during a limited time, the Launcher itself barely functions for Red Dead Redemption 2. There are consistent ‘Unknown Errors’ which won’t allow a large number of players to actually launch the game.

And if you do get the game started – if you’re one of the lucky ones – you may be presented with any number of other issues, from frame stuttering to complete straight-to-desktop crashes for no apparent reason. While one of the earlier launch patches did make an attempt to fix these problems, it was a vague fix and doesn’t appear to have achieved much.

However, in the most recent patch, which went live on November 12th, there doesn’t appear to be any attention on these crippling crashes and errors. Instead, there’s a huge focus on Red Dead Online, the main money-making arm of Rockstar’s new flagship PC title.

There’s new content added to the game’s clothing store – yes, that’s right, you can now buy some new ponchos, hats, boots, belts, etc, etc. All that charming cowboy gear that is meant to somehow make up for the drastically poor performance of Red Dead on PC. Both Console and PC players (if you can get the game started) will also be able to put a bullet in the head of a brand new bounty, Red Ben Clempson.

In the meantime, for those who can access the game, these changes are always a great extra bit of detail/content for an online mode which still appears fairly sparse compared to GTA: V. However, for those PC gamers who are still struggling with Rockstar’s support team and wish you had claimed a refund on your preorder already, this patch will be a little insulting. It should also be noted that it isn’t apparent whether or not PC players will be able to access previously updated online console content.

Red Dead Redemption II is set for a PC Steam launch next month and there are hopes that the game launches and runs smoothly on the platform. Here’s hoping!