Predator: Hunting Grounds’ 1.05 Patch Is Now Live And Improves The Game’s Overall Polish

Predator: Hunting Grounds’ 1.05 Patch Is Now Live And Improves The Game’s Overall Polish
Credit: GameSpot Trailers via YouTube

Predator: Hunting Grounds has now been out for a couple of days. So far, the community has enjoyed the game’s fun concept of man versus Predator. Whether you’re part of the fireteam or hunting from above as the Predator, the matches always provide exciting, tense moments.

Of course, no game is perfect at launch. With Predator: Hunting Grounds, there has been a couple of issues that the community has pointed out. Ask and you shall receive. IllFonic has already put out patch 1.05 and based on their notes, it’s making a lot of noteworthy improvements. Most of them are intended to fix gameplay, thankfully.

For instance, now the AI are more responsive to footsteps and gunfire. It they hear either, they’ll react more quickly as to put up a better fight. That has been one of the more significant problems with this game. The enemies are just there for the taking and don’t really offer much of a fight. Now, they should keep those on the fireteam more alert in addition to staying mindful of the Predator. On paper, it should make playing on the fireteam squad a much better experience.

That’s not all. The hotfix also addressed movement and collision issues. There were many players randomly getting stuck in certain portions of the map. You can imagine the frustration you would feel being in the middle of an intense match only to be stuck in a certain place, where the Predator or enemy AI can just wipe you out without your say.

Additionally, objectives now should spawn more smoothly as to help players on the fireteam complete them. These improvements may seem minor, but they really make Predator: Hunting Grounds a more optimal experience. Little glitches here and there won’t be as prevalent, which should immerse players in the action more.

It’s still pretty early for this asymmetrical shooter, too. As we move farther into 2020, you can bet IllFonic will continue to make improvements where they’re needed the most. So far, they’ve done a great job at listening to the community and doing their best to make Predator: Hunting Grounds better.

If you haven’t got in on the action yet, it really is a wild ride of cat versus mouse. Surprisingly, both sides are fun to play on — although you’ll probably be spending most of your time on the fireteam. It wouldn’t be surprising to see IllFonic tweak this ratio in a future update.