Plenty Of Fans Seem Upset By Rumors Of Capcom’s Decision To Remake Resident Evil 4

Plenty Of Fans Seem Upset By Rumors Of Capcom’s Decision To Remake Resident Evil 4
Credit: Capcom

Capcom has been on a strong streak recently with their remakes. Resident Evil 3 released not too long ago to a fantastic reception, with fans pleased with the few changes they made gameplay-wise while loving the enhanced graphics. Resident Evil 2‘s remake was applauded as well, and at the moment, it almost seems like Capcom couldn’t go wrong.

But, of course, they’ve done wrong. At least, according to some fans.

Not long ago, Capcom released a survey to gauge fan interest in further remakes in the Resident Evil series. We discussed this survey, looking through the questions they asked and what they were really trying to find out.

Fans spoke pretty clearly, especially on social media: Capcom, please don’t remake Resident Evil 4. It’s too new, a rework might exacerbate old issues, and it’s practically perfect as is. It’s stood the test of time very, very well, and the resources would be better spent bringing another title back to life, with Code Veronica seeming to be the most popular option for a game in the franchise to be remade.

So, of course, Capcom is remastering Resident Evil 4. That’s the rumor, anyway. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but given recent context and the possible leaks, it seems like a pretty certain thing.

And make no mistake, there’s a great amount of fans that are incredibly excited. So many fans are happy to hear the title, which many consider to be the best in the franchise, to be the one that’s next on the remake conveyor belt.

But others are less than excited, taking to social media to let out their distaste. Many are wondering why a game that has stood the test of time is next up instead of an older title, and the answer seems to be a pretty unanimous thought of it being a cash grab.

That could be true. A remake of any game in the franchise, especially Resident Evil 4, is going to make a huge amount of waves. But when you’re releasing one of the most popular titles on a remake, whether the remake is needed or not your game is going to be flying off shelves. It could be Capcom looking to regain some revenue in response to the massive upsets that everyone’s production has taken this year due to the current pandemic.

Regardless of what the inspiration is, we still don’t even know if the game is truly in development yet, so there’s no reason to get too upset – or hyped – just yet.