A Resident Evil 4 Remake Is Being Worked On According To Recent Rumor

A Resident Evil 4 Remake Is Being Worked On According To Recent Rumor
Credit: Resident Evil via YouTube

Capcom has been absolutely killing it as of late with Resident Evil remakes. They appear to have the recipe down: Enhance graphics, make the controls better, and give fans plenty of content to enjoy. They’ve done it now with Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3.

With these games doing so well commercially, it’s only right that they would keep the remake train going in addition to making new installments. Capcom’s choice to continue this remake direction was pretty much solidified after a recent poll was put out asking if fans wanted remakes to continue.

Now there’s a rumor currently circulating about a Resident Evil 4 Remake. Naturally, this has gotten many in the community excited. Resident Evil 3 Remake just hit the shelves and already, there is the potential of another beloved game in this long-running survival-horror series getting updated.

The rumor comes from VGC. According to their sources, this upcoming remake will come out in 2022. Even better news, development is currently in production. Talk about amazing news for Resident Evil fans. The series has never been hotter and it appears like Capcom is looking to strike while the iron is hot.

When you think of beloved games in the series, Resident Evil 4 is near the top of the list. It’s definitely geared more towards action as opposed to survival, which at the time, was a huge risk from Capcom. And yet, fans seemed to love every minute of it. The third-person visuals were innovative at the time. Many gamers also enjoyed the gameplay adjustments.

Instead of having to tread carefully conserving ammo and being cautious with save states, players could charge forward taking the fight to zombies like never before. Experiencing the more action-packed design in a remake sounds like a recipe for success.

Capcom also has so much to work with as far as story and environment. If you can recall, Resident Evil 4 centered around Leon S. Kennedy. He is tasked with finding the U.S. President’s daughter, who was captured by a fanatical cult. He must travel to a rural part of Europe and search for clues about her whereabouts. It’s one of the better settings in the Resident Evil franchise.

Experiencing a modernized version of it would be worth the price of admission alone. You can imagine how much Capcom can enhance the already moody and atmospheric forests that Leon is forced to move through while staying vigilant of zombies and cultists.

Capcom hasn’t officially confirmed this remake, but as so often is the case, where there’s smoke there’s fire.