Overwatch Map Havana Can Now Be Accessed On Public Test Region; Test Expected To Last For 2-3 Weeks Before Going Live

Overwatch Map Havana Can Now Be Accessed On Public Test Region; Test Expected To Last For 2-3 Weeks Before Going Live
Credit: Overwatch - Blizzplanet

The new map Havana can now be accessed via the Overwatch Public Test Region.

In the Havana map, you will find yourself in the Taller de Sebastián. This is where Cuba’s vintage cars are sent for repairs and refueling. This map is an escort challenge.

Your task is to provide security to a truck filled with rum barrels from those who want to stop the cargo. Your destination is the Don Rumbotico distillery, which has developed quite a global reputation for its products.

Those who played Junkertown, Dorado, and Rialto in Overwatch would be familiar with the escort challenge concept.

Your final objective is to escort the old and dilapidated vehicle to the wharf, called the Havana Sea Fort. This used to be a historical landmark but has been purchased by a private entity. Nobody can enter in unless with the expressed permission from this highly secretive organization.

But even if you have a mission, nobody’s telling you not to explore Havana in Overwatch. You can also go inside Café del Sol or Havana at La Cocina de Miranda.

Those who played Archives: Storm Rising would be familiar with the Havana map. In that game, your mission is to get to the accountant Maximilien who works for Doomfist.

Your team is composed of Tracer, Mercy, Winston, and Genji. And your task is to fish out valuable information from the accountant to get to the mastermind. Storm Rising is a prequel, and the events took place before the main game.

Of course, everybody knows the ending to the story. Maximilien survived to become one of the leaders of the cabal for the Talon terrorist group.

Some of the patch notes for the new Havana map in Overwatch include:

– The text glitches on some posters, particularly those found in Taller de Sebastián
– Fixed the bug that gets players stuck in Yucca plants
– Fixed the glitch where the players will slip on the second floor of La Euforia or the bottom of the pillars

According to the report, the Havana map will stay in the Overwatch PTR for about two to three weeks. After the developer will get the feedback and fixed the issue, the map will go live then. But it will probably take more time before the map can be played on Overwatch League.

For now, the Overwatch PTR is exclusive for PC users only. Blizzard Entertainment, however, said that the map will be available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 users in the future.