Weird Floating Runic Vessel Linked To Loot Lake Vault Of Fortnite Appears And Sails Towards Unknown Destination

Weird Floating Runic Vessel Linked To Loot Lake Vault Of Fortnite Appears And Sails Towards Unknown Destination
Credit: Fortnite INTEL

Everyone was amazed to find a floating rune appearing that looks connected to the Loot lake vault of Fortnite. And just when players try to damage the runic vessel, it started to lurch forward and move towards unknown territory.

As of today, these runes were back, and they’re just in time for the launch of Fortnite’s 9th season. This is the same metallic, floating object that appeared within Paradise Palms. It’s quite impressive how most players were in unison when they decided to attack and damage these runes.

The said floating object is massive and has an equally colossal health meter. It’s also being shared by game players simultaneously. Until now, no one knows where the said object lurched and disappeared too. Since the said metallic piece of architecture looks like the Loot Lake vault, many assumed that it’s connected to Fortnite.

Since no one knows for certain where the vessel went, players also assumed that it headed to the Loot Lake. It could be the very first key that can be used to unearth the vault underneath the cube’s resting place. Since this is still uncertain, it’s best to keep a closer look at it and wait for any significant change.

Before the update was made, fans were waiting for the 9th season of Fortnite when they came across the rune. Most people were banking on a new in-game event to rev up the public’s interest. They thought the rune is that interesting event.

The version 8.40 update brought a huge vault that needs to be unearthed. The said vault was supposedly hidden underneath Loot Lake. This is also the exact same location as the cube’s final resting place. The cube was laid to its final rest after a transdimensional butterfly triggered its explosion. Up until now, no one knows the reason for the explosion but it seems like everybody liked it.

Soon after the update was out, many players reported low but lurching sound on the vicinity. There were also lurching noises underneath the colossal vaults. Both of these hardly suggest good omen.

Since no one is certain yet what will happen next, everybody’s just hoping that it won’t be that wild. They also hope that this will not happen during the qualifiers for the Fortnite World Cup.

With almost everything uncertain, the best thing to do is wait and be surprised by what will happen next. It won’t be an exciting and thrilling game that it is if everything will be very predictable, right?
So, let the waiting game begin!