Overcooked 2 Just Got A New Update That Introduces New Chefs And Kitchens

Overcooked 2 Just Got A New Update That Introduces New Chefs And Kitchens
Credit: Xbox via YouTube

There are a lot of great simulation games out on the marketplace today. However, if you’re looking for some light-hearted fun and enjoy cooking, then there really is nothing better than Overcooked 2. It has received a lot of positive feedback since releasing in August of 2018. Whether you enjoy critical-thinking or having access to a bevvy of ingredients, this game by Team17 is a true gem in all of the important departments.

If you’ve been a passionate user of this title, you’ll be pleased to know that new content is on the way thanks to the Spring Festival update. It was just put out and is completely free, too. So what exactly is this update bringing to the table? Let’s take a closer look.

Starting out, we have a couple of new chefs being added to the mix. The first one is an adorable rodent. Thus, if you’re a fan of the movie Ratatouille, you’re probably jumping up and down in excitement. Now, you can whip up some amazing meals for patrons as an adorable rat. It’s an appropriate addition considering it’s about to be the Year of the Rat. The other chef is a little tortoise. These are great additions to an already great cast of chefs.

That’s not all. New kitchens are also being introduced. They’re all themed around the Spring Festival and have a beautiful dragon flowing throughout. Don’t let its majestic nature distract you, though. It will undoubtedly get in your way and hinder your ability to have smooth cooking experiences. That’s where the fun comes into play, though. You’ll have to be cognizant of your surroundings as you grab supplies and put plates in certain areas.

It’s great that the developer isn’t charging a dime for this latest update. They just want to give their passionate chefs a chance to experience new challenges and gain a different perspective as a new animal.

If you haven’t had the chance to check out Overcooked 2, you’re in store for some fun action. You’re constantly being thrown obstacles to overcome, whether it’s teleporting stages or traffic weaving in and out of your kitchen. You have to rise above these obstacles and continue to keep the restaurant thriving.

Overcooked 2 is great to play solo, but it’s even better in co-op mode. You and a friend will have to work together as a team and remain on the same page throughout every cooking session.